16 Dec 2018

Cllr McCarthy: Investment in Technology for Libraries is a Must

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Kieran’s Press Release:

   Independent Cllr Kieran McCarthy has praised Cork Public Libraries staff on their vision to engage with the tech revolution connected to libraries.

   In August of this year Cork City Council applied to the Department of Rural and Community Development for funding to enhance digital learning functionality in all seven libraries in the city. That Department has policy responsibility for the public library service, and had announced a major investment package for digital services and facilities in public libraries.

   The Council was successful in its application and was authorized to spend up to €351,000 of which 75% would come from the Department, with the rest being matching funding by the Council. On receipt of approval the staff of the Council’s Libraries and ICT sections immediately began the procurement process. Because of the volume of hardware and software being purchased there were economies of scale, so that the total amount spent is slightly below the maximum allowed, at €349,000. This is the second year in succession that the Council has been awarded significant funding to enhance its Libraries.

   Cllr McCarthy noted; it is great to see our public libraries developing a range of public functions. This grant aid has enabled the purchase and installation of a range of equipment in all libraries in the city such as portable digital Whiteboards, re-conditioned laptops for Coder Dojos, pod-casting equipment, portable PA, video and recording equipment and other related technology”.

“This investment will be a significant contribution to social and cultural inclusion, by bridging the digital divide for communities and individuals right across the city. Much of the equipment has already been delivered and installed, and the Library Service will be developing a digital strategy over the coming months, cooperation with relevant community groups, to make best use of this enhanced functionality”.

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