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Selection of Kieran’s Cork City Council Work Related Newspaper Quotes with Links:

20 October 2020, “I don’t think Mr Crawford Junior realised the extent of what was going to happen at the end of the tree’s life. The next generation will in years to come enjoy the baby tree that is now growing next to and feeding off the adult tree. ” Cllr McCarthy said, Locals have a piece of the monkey puzzle tree forever as 200 blocks handed out,–d8354e74-f9e3-4165-a6b4-d2c3f2539c07-ds?fbclid=IwAR2otw31KgwgUvbMU87HNvDpL0cn81xpo2gM7a9IdyiI41f7-Pqrl7SBkDE

17 October 2020, “As development moves into the Docklands, we don’t want to see other buildings of character like it disappear,” historian and city councillor, Kieran McCarthy, said at the time of the Sexant demolition”; “We need to have a bigger conversation about the city’s Docklands, about retaining heritage”. City must keep its maritime heritage within Tivoli project,

17 October 2020, “One-hundred-and-eighty pieces of the tree, which stood over Mahon for 175 years, are being collected by locals after it was chopped up and handed out. Cllr Kieran McCarthy posted pics of the wood as people came along to collect bits to take home”, Famous monkey puzzle tree chopped up and shared among locals in Cork,

17 October 2020, “After the iconic Monkey Puzzle Tree in Mahon was blown down, Cork city councillor Kieran McCarthy, UCC’s Dr Eoin Lettice, O’Callaghan Properties and St Michael’s Credit Union joined together to ensure locals with fond memories of the tree could take part of it home”, Cork residents snap up pieces of iconic monkey puzzle tree,

17 October 2020, “Speaking at Monday night’s council meeting, Independent councillor Kieran McCarthy said he had done some research looking back into the early past of the street”, Nostalgia: A look back at one of Cork’s best loved streets,

15 October 2020, “Kieran McCarthy, Independent Cork City Councillor and Local Historian discusses plans for the tallest building in Ireland to be built in Cork City, and what it means for the redevelopment of the country’s second city”, Plans for Ireland’s Tallest Building Receive Permission, Morning Ireland, RTE Radio 1,

13 October 2020, “Great credit is due to the traders on MacCurtain Street who during the past number of years have lobbied hard to create a living and dynamic quarter of town, and not just lobby but also implement actions”, Cork’s MacCurtain Street to be revamped by City Hall plans,–164aafb8-51e2-4789-9340-f646dae81157-ds?fbclid=IwAR2CGa3Y_gHEAoPPlCjTym0l4OLsPXjc8z3GnvdnOufwEWkY_MQ9ls2h1RY

12 October 2020, “In a question posed by Independent councillor Kieran McCarthy who requested a progress report on the Marina Park, Cork City Council’s Director of Services David Joyce said the contactor is making “excellent progress” despite a seven-week period of being off site from the end of March until mid-May due to Government guidelines”, First phase of Marina Park Project on track for 2021 completion date,

26 September 2020, “The future around Brexit remains unclear for Irish exporters. This week hauliers in the UK learned of potential two day delays at a de facto border in Kent. We could probably learn a thing or two from the 100 year old history of the Irish International Trading Corporation, based in Cork. Kieran McCarthy has been looking at their history”, The Story of Irish International Trading Corporation (Cork), RTE Radio 1,

24 September 2020, “Independent councillor Kieran McCarthy said many residents in the south-east of the city have asked to be able to comment on the Marina’s pedestrianisation“, Cork’s Marina and other city centre streets could be permanently closed to cars,

18 September 2020, “For councillor McCarthy, his efforts in lobbying for the refurbishment of the historic bridge will not be completed until it is open for public access. From speaking to people in the area, the much-loved Shakey Bridge has been missed”, Petition set up to reopen Cork’s Shakey Bridge,

15 September 2020, “Historian and Cllr Kieran McCarthy quizzed city officials on the status of the restoration of the near century-old pedestrian bridge as the city council’s public meetings resumed on Monday following the summer break”, December reopening for Cork’s landmark Shakey Bridge,

14 September 2020, “The cost of the works is estimated to be between €30,000 and €50,000 and Cork City Council has applied to central government for emergency funding, Independent councillor Kieran McCarthy told The Echo last week”.  Flooding issue at Cork’s Atlantic Pond to be resolved later this week,

14 September 2020, “It’s clear what Cork engineers built in the 1840s has lasted for near 180 years without any issue. There is enormous value in such an amenity. It is important now that finance is found to secure the use of the Atlantic Pond amenity for future decades,” Cllr McCarthy said, Atlantic Pond repairs to be completed this week,

14 September 2020, “In response to queries raised by Independent councillor Kieran McCarthy, Cork City Council’s Director of Infrastructure Development, Gerry O’Beirne moved to reassure the councillors that the outstanding works and reopening of the Shakey Bridge is “a priority for the City Council”, Timeline for reopening of landmark city bridge revealed,

12 September 2020, “Mr McCarthy lauded the Atlantic Pond as “one of the city’s greatest engineering projects of early nineteenth-century Cork”- its story is one of innovation and forward-thinking’, Nostalgia: The Atlantic Pond’s history is a story of ‘innovation and forward-thinking’,

10 September 2020, “Independent councillor Kieran McCarthy said the flooding around the Atlantic Pond is a huge source of concern for users of the amenity. “The Atlantic Pond is as busy as The Lough in terms of frequent visitors and also is a site of high biodiversity value. I spoke with the City Council engineer on site in the last few mornings”, Fixing of Atlantic Pond tide gate may cost €50k,

7 September 2020, “In these times of Covid, more than ever our trees and our recreational spaces are crucial to maintain and develop,” Cllr McCarthy continued. Cllr McCarthy said he is awaiting a response to his calls to replant the 18 trees in a nearby suitable location”, Iconic trees along Cork’s Centre Park Road to be felled,

4 September 2020, “Councillor Kieran McCarthy told Cork Beo he is submitting his own queries to the Sports, Recreation & Parks department of Cork City Council about the current status of the trees”…. “My aim is to have eighteen trees planted wherever they can be to replace the ones which will be removed”, he said, Much-loved Cork avenue to lose eighteen trees over fears for public safety,

2 September 2020, “It’s great to see the history of Douglas textile industries getting a focus through the Per Cent Art Scheme. They provided much employment in centuries gone by and created the unique sense of place that Douglas has. Douglas Library has always championed the local history of the area and getting the opportunity to work with artists is an added bonus for library staff, noted Cllr Kieran McCarthy”, Artists invited to submit proposals for a project to mark the reopening of Douglas Library,

29 August 2020, “It’s always a sad day to see an old building in Cork being taken down to make way for progress, especially one which is iconic in its location and character like the old Sextant bar,” Councillor and historian Kieran McCarthy said, A ‘sad day’ and a gap on Cork’s skyline as the Sextant is demolished,

28 August 2020, “Historian and city councillor, Kieran McCarthy, who watched today as demolition crews went to work on the former Sextant pub, which opened on Albert Quay on the city’s south docks in 1877, said people accept that the city needs to evolve. “But a lot of the buildings with character are being demolished,” he said. “This was one of several buildings which added to the character of the city… We need to have a bigger conversation about the city’s docklands, about retaining its architectural heritage and not just replacing it with glass boxes”, Sextant bar in Cork city to be knocked down today,

24 August 2020, “Independent Councillor Kieran McCarthy has welcomed the move highlighting the Marina pedestrianisation as a “life-saver” for some people during lockdown. ‘Many have emphasised to me the importance of this historic tree-lined avenue to public health and recreational use’, he said”, City Pedestrian Measures to be Extended,–608252b5-108a-405f-93af-9c9163233cd1-ds?fbclid=IwAR0GYRp8Oh4wkZzR1Rd0Oazz5IY4otVDt4WEWqRdZ67PbnjNKcdHSy2WTAI

22 August 2020, ” Cllr Kieran McCarthy said he hoped that the wood from the fallen Monkey Puzzle could be used locally to create some memorial. ‘Sad to see this early 19th century beautiful Monkey Maze tree in Mahon snap with the force of Storm Ellen – I would love to see a wooden sculpture or seat made from remains, he tweeted, Bid underway to replace 175-year-old monkey puzzle tree which fell in Cork during storm,

21 August 2020, “Independent Councillor Kieran McCarthy said he has written to the Council Director of Operations, David Joyce, asking him to contact the owner of Jacob’s Island and the tree and suggested that timber seat memorials or other appropriate memorials could be created from the fallen tree”, Local business offers to replace Cork’s iconic Monkey Puzzle tree,

21 August 2020, “Historian and city councillor, Kieran McCarthy has written to city officials asking for the wood to be used for a sculpture or a seat to remember the tree’s story and to mark people’s affection for it”, Calls for suitable memorial to Cork’s iconic 150-year-old Monkey Puzzle tree,

21 August 2020, “Cork City’s One City One Book was launched by Deputy Lord Mayor Cllr Kieran McCarthy in Cork City Library recently A discussion on the book with author Tadhg Coakley was led by poet and writer Thomas McCarthy, behind closed doors”, One City One Book 2020,

15 August 2020, “On 30 March 1920 Cork’s Terence MacSwiney was unanimously elected at a special meeting of the Council of the Cork Corporation held in the old Cork City Hall. His elevation to Cork’s First Citizen came after the tragic death of Tomás MacCurtain, writes Kieran McCarthy”,  Landscapes of chaos in Cork city in Terence MacSwiney’s final days,

28 July 2020, Cllr McCarthy said that whilst he is “impressed” by the winning design, he would like to see some changes made to better incorporate the city’s history, Cork city councillor gives update on Bishop Lucey Park redevelopment,–662cc586-6f4e-4a9f-8a6e-ec0756da16e7-ds

12 July 2020, Independent councillor Kieran McCarthy has called for a proper survey and proper test trenches to be carried out”, Bessborough survivor: ‘We know where the children’s burial ground is‘,

22 June 2020, “Independent councillor Kieran McCarthy also raised his concerns about the process and said councillors representing the people on the ground have been ignored”. ‘Shock and disappointment’: An Bord Pleanála grants permission for controversial development in Cork against wishes of councillors,–ec948405-953b-4292-9420-fc8726615178-ds

19 June 2020,Cllr Kieran McCarthy said it is “shocking” that the Cork City Council vote is not even mentioned in the An Bord Pleanála decision report. “It’s like our legal powers don’t even matter and are being dismissed,” he said. Cork councillor anger after planning decision for Blackrock apartments overturned,

3 June 2020, “I do realise it’s a working forest, but with more houses being constructed in upper Rochestown, I am calling on Coillte to consider the plans they rolled out in Dublin be also applied to Cork City,” said Mr McCarthy.Coillte asked to see the wood for the trees at Garryduff,

25 May 2020, “The piece has garnered significant attention online, including from Independent councillor Kieran McCarthy, who lauded it as a “fabulous creative piece”,Cork artist honours nurses with a powerful painting outside CUH,

6 May 2020, “Cllr McCarthy said that the council was keen to speak with traders, and said that clusters of traders from particular areas should contact the local authority to discuss plans for the city. Plans to pedestrianise Cork city streets revealed as businesses look at how they will re-open,

15 April 2020, “Cllr McCarthy said he has suggested setting up a post-coronavirus economic committee to look at safeguarding the city centre, but it was too early to know what could be done. “Debenhams is a prime site. It has a lot of potential, the idea of breaking it into mini department stores needs to be considered”. ‘Breaking it into mini department stores needs to be considered’; Future of Debenhams on City Hall agenda,

16 March 2020, Historian, Cllr Kieran McCarthy, who spent almost a decade lobbying for its repair and restoration, watched from the riverbank as the engineers worked: “It’s actually really exciting. And in fairness to the workers, they are doing their best at social distancing while finishing off the job. They have done a fantastic job — it looks great. It looks fresh, but still retains that sense of an old-world”. Cork’s Shakey Bridge returns as last restored section installed,

23 March 2020, “Providing homes is very important, but I have concerns about putting homes on industrial sites. It should be about place-making and sustainability, not housing in any location at any cost, Cllr Kieran McCarthy said.” Cork City councillors approve plan for social housing units,

12 February 2020, “The figures were released by the council’s director of housing in response to queries from councillor Kieran McCarthy at February’s city council meeting”, Cork City Council spends more than €4m to tackle homelessness,

6 February 2020, “Independent Cork City Councillor Kieran McCarthy says there are many tourist signs around the city centre that are dated and run down. Many tourists are unable to navigate the signage currently in the city. There are few useful orientation tools at arrival points in the city”. Council gets more than €400,000 to update tourist signage in city,

5 February 2020, Independent councillor Kieran McCarthy said the new 7% levy for derelict sites is “not scary enough” and needs to be increased substantially. Mr McCarthy said for sites that have been lying idle over ten years, the levy should be more like 21%. Only 30% of levies imposed on derelict sites have been collected by City Hall.

1 February 2020, “Independent Councillor Kieran McCarthy says he has long been an advocate of a large-scale visitor attraction in the city’s dock’s area. “It is great that there is a proposal for the bonded warehouses, which are almost two hundred years old and for me are important to mind. It seems there is more willingness in the last few months to develop a maritime-themed visitor centre”. Cork’s Custom House floated as venue for new visitor centre; Site already earmarked for 34-storey hotel,

29 January 2020, Independent Cllr Kieran McCarthy described the mast as “intrusive and ugly” and said the process governing their installation must be reviewed. This loophole needs to be urgently fixed”, he said. Calls for review of legislation which allows erection of ‘intrusive’ masts without planning permission.

17 January 2020, “According to Cork city councillor Kieran McCarthy, who is a member of the EU’s Committee of the Regions, the city council’s involvement in the MMIAH project has been a great learning curve for all involved. He said that the wider aims of MMIAH were able to fit within wider tourism and urban regeneration and enhancement proposals in Cork City”. Elizabeth Fort a stronghold of city tourism with help of EU funding,

3 January 2020 Independent Cllr Kieran McCarthy has called for a dedicated Cycling Officer to be put in place for Cork city. “We need to create a stronger cycling strategy. For me, we are only scratching the surface with the potential of cycling in the city. Cork cycling infrastructure moving at ‘snail’s pace’; Coke bikes falling into disrepair,

31 December 2019, “The plan has been met with a mixed reaction from local councillors with Independent Councillor Kieran McCarthy calling for the new Local Development Plan to be published in order to allow for joined-up thinking from developers”, More than 1,000 homes planned for Marquee site,–231d5c95-987a-4a81-9de5-2d5a8be79409-ds

13 December 2019, Mr McCarthy said: “There has been much frustration by locals and officials alike that it has been a difficult tender process. Marina Park will be one of the newest recreational jewels in the crown of amenities to serve areas such as Docklands, Ballinlough, Ballintemple and Blackrock. The Marina and Atlantic Pond are two of the most visited amenities in the city. Both have a long history and have served Corkonians for decades. Cork’s Marina Park is delayed for the third time this year.–fa5e9ca0-cf06-478a-86a2-1d017d1bcdbb-ds

7 December 2019, Some residents have raised concerns about the level of traffic the development will bring and local councillor Kieran McCarthy said he has concerns about the precedent rezoning green space would set. City Hall to vote on ‘divisive’ land rezoning to build homes on Cork GAA grounds,

24 November 2019, “I do think there needs to an appendix in this draft annual budget, saying how the compensation figure was reached, plus a little about previous expenditure in our new areas. I feel the Oversight Committee should step in at this stage. There’s been some sort of breakdown in communication”, says Cllr Kieran McCarthy. Deal or no deal: Frustrations vented as Cork councils fail to reach compensation package,

31 October 2019, “Welcoming the news, Independent Councillor Kieran McCarthy said: “I am very happy that Douglas Community Centre is a partner in the pop-up-library as they themselves provide amazing community services locally”. Location confirmed for pop-up Douglas Library service,

17 October 2019, Councillor Kieran McCarthy asked the council to enact a Compulsory Purchase Order on the Lakeland Tavern sitein Mahon but was told a lack of a ‘clear plan’ for the area was a barrier to this. Mahon area regeneration to be prioritised by the City Council,–d32a0524-9fb9-486c-aaed-88b0192537d8-ds

19 September 2019, “Cllr Kieran McCarthy, who watched the artist work on site yesterday, confirmed that councillors have agreed to ring-fence money in next year’s budget for another place-making fund to help commission more work like this. “It will also help groups such as Mad About Cork, the People’s Republic of Cork and Reimagine Cork which have been working on smaller-scale project for several years”, says Cllr McCarthy. Her story symbolises the modern Cork’: Migrant woman mural almost complete,

18 September 2019, Local councillor, Kieran McCarthy has lodged an application with An Bord Pleanála against the plans on the grounds of the density of the development and the failure to provide any car parking facilities at the complex. “It is clear that the proposed development is out of sync with the rest of residential properties in the immediate area”. Plans for apartment block on site of former Cork pub put on hold,

17 September 2019, Cllr Kieran McCarthy (Ind) said that Rochestown deserves its own Community Policing Forum and a representative on the Joint Policing Committee in City Hall”. Calls Rochestown Community Policing Forum,

11 September 2019, Historian and Cllr Kieran McCarthy, who called repeatedly in recent years for the bridge to be restored, said the work really needed to be done. “Cork has over 31 bridges, but this is the one held in most affection,” he said. Cork’s Shakey Bridge will retain famous shake after restoration, engineers insist,

5 September 2019, “Cllr McCarthy said that the Council needs a lot more funding in order to invest in cycling properly”. A local pot dedicated to cycling infrastructure should be developed,

20 August 2019, “Independent councillor Kieran McCarthy believes a new local area plan needs to be drawn up, and he will bring a motion before the council next month asking that one be created. “Dereliction, slow bus movement, traffic congestion and a need for a plan to make Douglas have a village feel again are some of the major discussion points,” he said. Douglas will ‘die on its feet’ unless action is taken on dereliction and congestion,

2 August 2020, Kieran McCarthy (IND) described the landscaping element of work at the community park as “positive”. Douglas flood defence works to start this autumn,–8199715b-287b-491d-bafb-4c4cfe69ec39-ds

29 July 2019, Local historian Cllr Kieran McCarthy who called the bridge a cultural institution, explained how it got its nickname. “It attained the nickname due to the fact that a large number of people used the bridge to go to GAA matches in the Mardyke. Consequently, the bridge would shake with the masses of people walking across it. Cork’s Shkey Bridge to close for major 1.7m renovation,

22 July 2019, “Local councillor Kieran McCarthy said that residents are not opposed to building houses on the site but are worried at the scale of the development. He said that local voices have not been factored into the decision. “There have been huge concerns on the traffic which will move through a small avenue with two local schools and onto an even narrower Blackrock Road”, he said”. Over 270 apartments planned for former Cork convent site despite concern from locals.

10 July 2019, “Information requested by Councillor Kieran McCarthy (IND) reveals that €916,000 toward public realm works and development of the park have been allocated and a design competition has commenced in relation to a redesign”. Bishop Lucey Park set for revamp,

9 July 2019, “Historian Cllr Kieran McCarthy said he hopes the red-bricked Odlums building could be redeveloped as a cultural centre”. Cork may see its largest ever single property deal which could pave way for docklands development,

21 June 2020, “Independent Cllr Kieran McCarthy said it is clear that the derelict site fine has become too blunt an instrument to deal with dangerous buildings in older parts of the city”. Cork business leaders and politicians say tougher approach needed after partial building collapse,