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Councillor Campaigns

 Section of William Petty's map of 1655 showing Cork and what is now the south east ward

Membership of Cork City Council Related Committees:

- Planning Functional Committee (specific interests: City extension, Enterprise & business promotion, dereliction, revamp of Cork Docklands Plan, Tramore Valley Park, Blackrock Regeneration Plan, heritage incorporation and adequate place making in city development plans to include community resources and recreational areas)

- Housing Functional Committee (specific interests: vacancy of housing, homelessness, City Centre regeneration, community development viz a viz promotion of community warden schemes and activities)

- Tourism, Arts, Events, Marketing Functional Committee (specific interests: promotion of educational programmes, library and archive development, Elizabeth Fort development, arts, heritage, tourism and cultural development in the city, public relations)

- Tourism, Arts, Events, Marketing Strategic Planning Committee (specific interests: EU funding programmed, development strategies to promote municipal educational programmes, civic awareness, arts, heritage, tourism and cultural development in the city)

- Board of Directors, National Sculpture Factory, Cork (since 2009)

 – Board of Directors, Firkin Crane, Shandon, Cork (since 2009)

 – Chair, Cork-Coventry sister city sub committtee (specific interests: development of new business contacts and development of cultural packages between the two cities)

  Motions to Cork City Council and follow-up:

Kieran’s Community programme/ activities 2017:

- Discover Cork: Schools’ Heritage Project (since 2003)

- Historical walking tours, (since 1993)

- Cork Independent weekly local history column (since October 1999)

- Cork City Musical Society (founded by me in 2014)

- Cork publications (since 2001)


 Member of the EU Committee of the Regions (appointed by Minster of Local Government (January 2015),

(specific interests: EU Urban Agenda, Regional Development Funds, EU Innovation, EU digital agenda, European Data Economy)