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Councillor Activities

 Section of William Petty's map of 1655 showing Cork and what is now the south east ward

Membership of Cork City Council Related Committees:

- Planning Functional Committee (specific interests: Enterprise & business promotion, dereliction, revamp of Cork Docklands Plan, heritage incorporation and adequate place making in city development plans to include community resources and recreational areas)

- Housing Functional Committee (specific interests: vacancy of housing, community development viz a viz promotion of community warden schemes and activities)

- Tourism, Arts, Events, Marketing Functional Committee (specific interests: promotion of educational programmes, arts, heritage, tourism and cultural development in the city)

- Tourism, Arts, Events, Marketing Strategic Planning Committee (specific interests: development strategies to promote municipal educational programmes, civic awareness, arts, heritage, tourism and cultural development in the city)

- Board of Directors, National Sculpture Factory, Cork

 – Board of Directors, Firkin Crane, Shandon, Cork

 – Chair, Cork-Coventry sister city sub committtee (specific interests: development of new business contacts and development of cultural packages between the two cities)

  Motions to Cork City Council and follow-up:

Kieran’s Community programme/ activities 2015-16:

- Discover Cork: Schools’ Heritage Project

- Historical walking tours

- Cork Independent weekly local history column

- Cork City Musical Society

- Cork publications


 Member of the EU Committee of the Regions (appointed January 2015),