Kieran’s Manifesto, Local Elections 2024

Dia Dhuit!

I am running to continue my tenure in your community as an Independent councillor in the upcoming local elections.

I wish to thank people for their insights, help and courtesy in driving my work forward as a councillor and in particular in the past year
as Lord Mayor of Cork.

I would now like to continue to build on your specific interests in the development of our area and the city. Inside this flyer you will find
information on my advocacy work, my manifesto, my civic awareness, cultural and community work, and my Lord Mayor’s work.

In the face of a very busy Lord Mayor’s agenda I still hope to meet you in my canvassing coming up to the local elections.

However, if I do not get a chance to meet you in person, my contact details are on this flyer, if you have any local issues or questions on my manifesto.
Le gach ghui

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