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Our City, Our Town column in Cork Independent September 1999-ongoing:

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Beginning in October 1999, my series, Our City, Our Town, has now passed its 1100th  article (self-funded). For me, it has been such an enjoyable experience. The first number of years focussed on the city and its development through the centuries. Over the ensuing  years, the series has been concerned with the heritage of the River Lee Valley, the story of technical education, regional history and Cork 100 years ago during the revolutionary era.

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The Walking Tours: 

Cork heritage tour with Cllr Kieran McCarthy

Beginning as one city centre tour 25 years ago, in the past decade, I have developed several suburban tours. The suburban tours are free to the public and are regularly given during the spring to autumn seasons of the year (self-funded). There are now 25 different tours of different neighbourhoods of the city.

Audience attendances can vary from 20 to 120 people. My aim is to create for each neighbourhood of the city a tour to capture its development, heritage and engage people in getting them interested in their local history and sharing their memories and stories.

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Discover Cork: Schools’ Heritage Project (2003-present day):

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Established in 2003, the Discover Cork: Schools’ Heritage Project encourages students in Cork primary and secondary schools to compile a project on any aspect of Cork history. It is about exploring and investigating local heritage in a constructive, active and fun way. Interested students can pick any topic on Cork’s local history to research and can participate as individuals, groups or as a class.

Students produce a project using primary material such as fieldwork, interviews, making models and short films of their area. On average, 25 City Schools enter every year with 1000 students participating across primary and secondary level. The project is funded by Cork City Council.

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Pathways Through Time by Kieran McCarthy

I am the author of 30 local history books, much of them published by publishing houses in Ireland and the UK.

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Cork Heritage Website:

Cork Heritage Website by Kieran McCarthy

A One Stop shop for all those researching Cork with various resources listed. It also contains my newspapers articles over the years and links to a number of my history trails;
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