Cllr McCarthy: Progress Being Made on Film in Cork Initiative.

Kieran’s Press Release

   Further information has been given to members of Cork City Council on the Film in Cork initiative which is being developed by Cork City and County Councils to promote the Cork region as a location for film production. The initiative has been successful in attracting a range of films to Cork, and productions such as The Young Offenders are raising the profile for Cork as a film friendly region. The contract for delivering the initiative is currently being supported by Pooleen Productions (Rossa Mullin) under a 4 year contract. Cork City and Cork County Councils will be tendering out the Film in Cork service over the next few months.

    Independent Cllr Kieran McCarthy noted that the two councils are also actively engaged in working with a range of stakeholders to develop interest in the idea of developing a film studio for Cork. “Good progress in being made; As part of the ongoing efforts of both local authorities, the case is now being made to Government for Cork to be provided with the necessary incentives that will enable to the region to compete for audio visual activity on a more level playing field.

“In the recent budget, Government announced a number of measures to promote the film industry in Ireland. Section 481 film tax credit is proposed to be extended for a further 4 years with additional incentives for the regions (subject to state aid approval)”.