Update, Blackrock Harbour and Village Renewal Project, 11 January 2016

  In response to a recent question to the Chief Executive of Cork City Council by Cllr Kieran McCarthy for an update on Blackrock Harbour and Village Renewal Project, the reply below was given. The construction tender phase for the renewal project was undertaken in 2015 and a preferred contractor selected. The value of winning tender exceeds the available budget assigned. Consequently additional funding is required to deliver the full scheme. Funding applications have been made to a number of agencies including the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, the National Transport Authority and the South East Regional Authority. Unfortunately however these applications have not been successful.

   In the absence of additional funding, the Council proposes to split the tendered works into phases and to proceed with that portion of the works that can be executed. It is intended that the first phase will be commenced in early 2016. This will consist of the realignment and widening of Convent Road, Blackrock Road and the Marina including boundaries, footpaths, surfaces, crossing and underground utility works common to phases 1 and 2. The scope of work will be limited to the current level of available funding. Further efforts will be made this year to secure the remaining funding so that work on phase 2 can commence at an early date.