Kieran’s Question to the City Manager/ CE and Motions, Cork City Council Meeting, 13 October 2014


Question to the City Manager/ CE

To ask the Manager/ CE are there any plans to clean the limestone plinth of the Fr Mathew Statue to mark its 150 years at the site on St Patrick’s Street (Cllr Kieran McCarthy)




That the Council review traffic calming measures on Blackrock Road; There is a point in the road where the cars get a good run to build up speed around Rochelle apartments, and then it narrows suddenly heading to Blackrock, just at the 4 white Victorian houses (Cllr Kieran McCarthy.


That Cork City Council supports the call from the Restaurants Association of Ireland for the ongoing retention of the 9% VAT rate for the food, tourism and hospitality sector that has helped create one of four of the jobs in economy. That this Council ask the Minister for Finance to Keep VAT @ 9% into 2015 and beyond (Cllr Kieran McCarthy).