Kieran’s Letter to Residents, Beaumont Water Tower Space & NTA Bus Connects, Phase 2 Plans, 19 May 2023

Dear Resident,

I hope this finds you well. The public consultation phase two maps on Bus Connects have now been published by the National Transport Authority (NTA).

As part of the phase two plans, a proposal has appeared to turn the interior of the historic 19th century walled garden space adjacent Cherrington, Ballinlough Pitch and Putt Club and Beaumont Park into a car park for the area. A number of residents in the past have expressed the view that such a space would make a fine community garden space, and should be rejuvenated as such. In recent years the project has even been developed to a point of a plan with Cork City Council.

The NTA proposal seeks public input on their idea to overturn the development of the community garden into a car park. It would be crucial that residents, who are in favour of retaining and developing the concept of the community garden, write to the NTA.

Wider info of the phase two maps and consultation can be viewed at www.busconnects/cork.

The full set of maps are available at www.busconnects/cork. Submissions should be made via that website or send a letter to “Bus Connects Cork, NTA, Suite 427, 1 Horgan’s Quay, Waterfront Square, Cork”.

As always, I remain at your disposal for any help on Bus Connects or any other local concerns.