Cllr McCarthy – Bessboro Planning Proposals still open to Submissions, December 2020

Independent Cllr Kieran McCarthy has noted that the planning applications for a Strategic Housing Development (SHD) of 179 units and the proposal for 67 units, both in Bessboro, with An Bord Pleanála and Cork City Council respectively, are still open to submissions by the public until early in the first week of January.

In his submission to both bodies Cllr McCarthy has taken issue with the project splitting that has been pursued by the developer with regard to planning proposals being sent to both An Bord Pleanála and to Cork City Council respectively. Cllr McCarthy noted: “both proposals have serious massing, scale and height obtrusive issues. They do not provide for an acceptable standard of open space amenity for future residents. They would seriously injure the proper planning and sustainable development of the area”.

“Secondly and most notably and morally wrong, the proposals have not waited for the publication of the Government’s Mother and Baby Home Commission Report. The proposals have not waited to see the summary of recommendations for sites of former institutions. By not waiting, the situation just drives another dagger into the hearts of the Cork Survivor’s Alliance, who are just looking for recognition, knowledge of what happened and a chance to memorialise their babies”.

“I would encourage members of the general public who are interested in Bessboro to make submissions to Cork City Council and to An Bord Pleanála sooner than later. My email is if there are those who need help where to send submissions”, concluded Cllr Kieran McCarthy.