Cllr McCarthy: Democratic Call Held Up On Pedestrianising The Marina, December 2020

Press Release:

Cllr McCarthy has welcomed that the democratic call on permanently pedestrianising The Marina has been upheld and passed at the most recent City Council Ordinary Meeting. Cllr McCarthy notes; “The recent public consultation process of 250 submissions showed that 90 per cent were for the plan, with 5 per cent with specific issues on carparking and access, which are also resolved in the Directors response leaving 5 per cent against the proposal.

Several referred to The Marina’s function as a road in modern times and several have called for a review of the heavy traffic on Blackrock Road – and that latter thorn is something the City Council will have to grasp – especially around traffic speeds and pedestrian safety.

What we have seen down The Marina in recent months – in terms of the temporary pedestrianisation and the investment into Marina Park, phase 1 –  is probably the first time in several decades that investment has filtered into renewing this area  as one of the City’s key recreational areas.

The Marina as a pedestrianised space has a great future ahead of it – there is much to do on its place-making vision and to enhance the vision of the Council for The Marina walk, that has been around for almost 170 years.

My hope is that Marina Walk 2.0 would be worked at – I certainly would like a refocus to be placed on some of the heritage assets both built and natural – and also that we become bold in beginning to look at river front of ESB Marina and the Marina Commercial Park in terms of extending the western end of the Marina Walk and extending it to Cork Docks. That right of way was there 150 years ago when The Marina name was fashioned”, concluded Cllr McCarthy.