21 May 2018

Cllr McCarthy Praises Cruise Ambassador programme

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     Independent Cllr Kieran McCarthy at the recent Tourism Events Arts and Marketing Functional Committee of Cork City Council praised the initiative of the Cruise Ambassador programme. It commenced for the season on 2 April. To date Cruise Ambassadors have boarded six liners, five of which were clocked at Cobh and one at Ringaskiddy, this location is used as a second berth when there are two large vessels in the Port and Cobh is already occupied. Passengers have the option of availing of a rail service scheduled by Iarnrod Eireann to facilitate the cruise market. As the season progresses Ambassadors will also board a number of smaller liners who can berth at Customs House Quay in Cork City.

    Cllr McCarthy noted: “The Cruise Ambassador Programme continues to be very well received both by Port of Cork and by the Cruise Line companies. The Ambassadors have now established contact with staff on board who make return journeys and so it has been possible to have information on board in some cases prior to their arrival in Cork. Ambassadors continue to make available the Top Attractions brochure and Cork City maps etc”.

   “The Cruise Ambassadors will serve Cruise Liners due to the end of the 2018 Cruise Season and continue to provide tourists with information on Cork increasing the footfall of cruise tourists to the City. The City Council has been engaging with business interests in relation to the development of initiatives that will maximise the economic benefit in terms of retail, hospitality etc” said Cllr McCarthy.

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