Cllr McCarthy: New Plan needed for Blackrock/ Mahon Library

   Cllr Kieran McCarthy has expressed concern that the plan for the Blackrock/ Mahon Library is now to be shelved in the short term. In a question to the Chief Executive of Cork City Council, Ann Doherty, at the last Cork City Council meeting, it was revealed that due to continued concerns and risks surrounding anti-social behavior and vandalism at the former Abode Centre site, Mahon the building has now been demolished and the property fully cleared and properly secured from unauthorised entry. It is now proposed to sell the property on the open market with a specific requirement to develop the property within a specified timeframe. The relevant disposal will be put before Council in due course. Plans were advanced for the development of a branch library on the site, however capital funding to enable that project to proceed to construction was not available. Alternative options for the provision of a branch library can be explored with the Department of Local Government in the context of any future capital funding programme.

            Cllr McCarthy noted; “It is worrying that the City Council has not laid down an alternative plan for the development of the Blackrock / Mahon library; it is now dependent on government funding for the library – whereby earlier in this year, the Council were unsuccessful in its bid for said funding . The Blackrock/ Mahon library project now seems to be in limbo. Great architectural plans had been created for the Abode building but now a new site is to be sought; it feels like the quest for the library has gone backward. The area has fantastic recreational amenities around the area but does need due to population interest a library to support reading and educational initiatives in schools and in the community plus also it can become an important cultural hub in this corner of the city. A new plan by the City Council to deliver the library in the short term is needed”.