Cork City Local Economic Development Plan

A new plan has been launched, which sets out a blueprint for the future economic and community development of Cork City.

The 6 year plan is based on fifteen High Level Goals, which relate to issues such as housing, children and young people, older people, a safe and green city, economic diversity, social inclusion, education and learning, quality of place and others – all of which play a critical role in ensuring a good quality of life for those living and working in Cork City.

The plan is based on an extensive consultation process which commenced in 2015, involving a wide range of community & voluntary organisations, public agencies, business, social partners and other stakeholders that are active in the city. It therefore reflects the issues and priorities which have been identified locally. The LECP is a multiagency plan and will require multi agency cooperation and joint working to ensure the delivery and successful implementation of the various actions.

The Cork City LECP has been developed through two structures – the Local Community Development Committee and the Strategic Planning, Economic Development and Enterprise Strategic Policy Committee (SPC).

For further information please contact:

Pat Ledwidge, Director of Service, Strategic Planning and Economic Development, Cork City Council tel 4924034; email:


Paul Moynihan, Director of Service, Corporate Affairs, Cork City Council tel 4924270 ; email: