Kieran’s Question to the City Manager/ CE and Motions, Cork City Council Meeting, 14 September 2015

 Question to the CE:

To ask the CE for an update on the Blackrock regeneration pier project and the work to be pursued very shortly? (Cllr Kieran McCarthy)



That the Council engage with the European Region of Gastronomy Programme with a view to attaining such an accolade. The European Region of Gastronomy Award is given to regions that commit to a programme of events designed to promote distinctive food cultures, educate for better health and sustainability, and who stimulate gastronomic innovation – the latter of which Cork and its region have in abundance (Cllr Kieran McCarthy).


That a sustainable programme of work be put in place to tidy up (overgrowth, fallen stones, broken wrought iron work) the nineteenth century parts of St Joseph’s Cemetery, which are in a dreadful state. Can the Council work with the Prison service and the community work scheme to keep such historic spaces tidy? (Cllr Kieran McCarthy).