Daily Archives: February 8, 2021

Kieran’s Question to CE and Motions, Cork City Council Meeting, 8 February 2021

Question to CE:

To ask the CE about the mechanisms in place to combat homelessness this winter in the city?

How many homelessness cases on the streets in the last weekend of January 2021?

Are their beds available for all homelessness at this point in time in the city (early February 2021)?

How many emergency accommodation units?

To ask for the breakdown of finance given to housing homeless agencies in the city in 2020 & for 2021? (Cllr Kieran McCarthy)


That the footpath between Temple Inn and Venue Public Houses, Ballintemple be repaired (Cllr Kieran McCarthy).

That the request to ward councillors by the Parent Association of St Michael’s NS, Blackrock on Church Road be looked at and implemented with regard to speed limit reduction to 30 kph, adequate school awareness signage, speed limit posting on both approaches on Church Road, road markings, and bollards at the front of the school (Cllr Kieran McCarthy).

That Cork City Council calls on the Government to put in place legislation on the standards, management and maintenance specific to houses of multi-occupancy (Cllr Kieran McCarthy).