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McCarthy: Finish off Blackrock Pier Project

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McCarthy: Finish off Blackrock Pier Project

   “A promised design to the public must be carried through. The Blackrock village playground is part of the Blackrock Pier redevelopment. The current plans seen by local residents need to be carried through by the City Council”, according to Independent Cllr Kieran McCarthy. 

   In response to an recent motion by Cllr McCarthy on the Blackrock playground, Director of Services of Cork City Council Valerie O’Sullivan has highlighted the most suitable location for a state of state of the art playground to serve Blackrock, Ballintemple and the South Docklands is Marina Park. A site has been identified within the park. Development of the playground, which is identified for Marina Park Phase 2. Phase 1 works are scheduled to commence in October. Detail design for phase 2 including the playground will commence when the necessary resources are available.

   According to Ms O’Sullivan, Cork City Council is committed to the enhancement of the Ursuline Convent Ground and will explore options to finance same under the Urban Regeneration Development Fund. City Council is still awaiting final transfer of the lands from the receiver of this development.

Cllr McCarthy noted:

“In recent months the narrative from the Council has been for just one major playground for the area in Marina Park in Docklands. However, the original plans for Blackrock Village included a small playground and a park on the Old Ursuline Convent front lawn, which slopes down to the regenerated pier area. It is crucial that agreements are honoured with local residents. The Pier area has become a great central focus but is only part of a bigger picture proposed”.

“I am excited about Marina Park and the proposed playground. The more the Council provide family foci like playgrounds the better. I will continue my lobbying for the Council to finish the Blackrock pier project. Marina Park is another super planned space, which needs lobbying for too”, noted Cllr McCarthy.

McCarthy: Clean up the top of St Patrick’s Hill

Press Release

McCarthy: Clean up the top of St Patrick’s Hill 

   Audley Place green at the top of St Patrick’s Hill could be easily landscaped to provide more flower beds around the seats with interpretative material of views, according to Independent Cllr Kieran McCarthy. The green has become more popular with locals and tourists the last year. It appeared regularly in the recent The Young Offenders series and appears regularly in tourist literature and social media on Cork. 

   Cllr McCarthy noted: “for me the top of the hill it is one of the core viewing spaces  of the city- for me I honesty feel that the green is taken for granted with rusty seats, graffiti, neatless paths, no information panels. The old Fever Hospital Steps are in a poor state as is Our Lady’s Well. The tourist offices and the branded Victorian Quarter are bringing more of a focus to lower St Patrick’s Street and St Patrick’s Hill. Everyday visitors to the city are making the climb to the top. It has the making of a great visitor attraction using flower beds and story telling the view. This area is the equivalent to the Spanish Steps in Rome. It should be given the landscaping it deserves”.

Kieran’s Question and Motions, Cork City Council Meeting, 10 September 2018

Question to CE:
To ask the CE for an update on the opening of Tramore Valley Park? (Cllr Kieran McCarthy)


That the Council put in place a significant tree planting programme within the 2019 budget (Cllr Kieran McCarthy)

At the meeting of the passing of the Morrison’s Island Part 8 it was tentatively agreed by some Party Whips that a review of the overall proposed OPW Lower Lee scheme be implemented. I am calling that a review be discussed again at a Party Whips meeting with a view to possible implementation (Cllr Kieran McCarthy)