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Kieran’s Comments, Deputy Lord Mayor Proposal, 15 June 2018

(Post-script: I had no luck with this vote)

Thanks for the floor Lord Mayor

Congratulations on your election and fine speech.

Certainly, the themes of education and social inclusion will serve you well.

I am delighted to propose my own candidacy for Deputy Lord Mayor.

It will be the first time this evening ever that an Independent Deputy Lord Mayor will be elected in the history of the Chamber, which is another little bit of Cork History being made.

I realise it is perhaps unprecedented to propose oneself – but that is what I have chosen to do amidst the backdrop of the current political system in the Chamber.

It is with a personal sense of humility and pride I wish to propose myself for the Deputy Lord Mayor post. I have been active in this chamber for the past nine years in the critique and the formation of policy across my committees I sit upon.

Outside of the chamber I have been active for 25 years in the promotion of Cork’s history and cultural heritage – with historical walking tours, newspaper columns, books and work with 40 schools and 1,200 students in the region annually plus possess degrees across historical and cultural geography.

I have been an active in community life in the city-  with the establishment of my annual talent competition, Make a Model Boat Project and Musical Society.

If elected to this post it is my intention to put a focus on the paradigms of cultural heritage management in the city especially around ideas of architecture and public spaces, promoting community life and social inclusion and promoting the city’s urban agenda as it passes into its extension.

I ask colleagues for their support in my candidacy.

Thank you.