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Status Red Weather Warning, 15 October 2017


October 15 2017
Status Red Weather Warning

Cork City Council’s Severe Weather Alert Team met this morning to review operations in light of the red light weather alert which could cause severe winds and storm in the city tomorrow.

Cork City Council emergency crews are on standby. Cork City Council’s Crisis Management Team is also due to meet this afternoon.

Cork City Hall is advising citizens to remain vigilant and to keep themselves updated  in regard to the evolving weather situation.

At present, data suggests that Morrison’s Island and South Terrace are the areas of the city most likely to be effected by any flooding tomorrow afternoon.

The public will be updated via the Corkcitynow mobile and email messaging service ( which can be signed up to at www.corkcitynow.ie , Cork City Council’s Twitter account which also be viewed on the  www.corkcity.ie  homepage and via regular radio updates.