Cllr McCarthy Announces his Historical Walking Tours for June 2023

Cllr Kieran McCarthy has announced his set of historical walking tours for the month of June, which range from City Centre, South Docks, The Lough, to the area in and around the streets and spaces of Blackpool.

Cllr McCarthy noted: “The stories on the four tours for the month of May have different timelines ranging from earlier centuries such as the early swampland development to nineteenth century industrialisation. They all reflect on the multitude of historical tangents within Cork history. All of these stories have influenced Cork’s cultural and built heritage and have added significantly to how the city’s story as a whole came into being. All four tours also cover special parts of Cork’s geography such as the City’s relationship with the River Lee, its tributaries and its suburban lake of The Lough. I am delighted to team up again with the Cork Harbour Festival to present two tours. The festival continues to create a range of educational opportunities for people to discover the River Lee and its estuary and harbour”.

The dates and times for Kieran’s tours are below:

Tuesday evening, 6 June 2023, Cork and the River Lee, An Introduction to the Historical Development of Cork City; meet at the National Monument, Grand Parade, 6.30pm, in association with the Cork Harbour Festival (free, 2 hours, no booking required for all tours).

Sunday afternoon, 11 June 2023, Cork South Docklands; Discover the history of the city’s docks, from quayside stories to the City Park Race Course and Albert Road; meet at Kennedy Park, Victoria Road, 2pm, in association with the Cork Harbour Festival (free, duration: two hours, no booking required). 

Tuesday evening, 13 June 2023, The Lough and its Curiosities; meet at green area at northern green of The Lough, entrance of Lough Road to The Lough, Lough Church end; 6.30pm (free, duration: two hours, no booking required).

Sunday afternoon, 18 June 2023, Blackpool: Its History and Heritage; meet at square on St Mary’s Road, opp North Cathedral, 2pm, (free, two hours, no booking required).