NTA Bus Connects, Phase 2 Public Consultation, Douglas Road, 13 April 2023

The public consultation phase two maps on Bus Connects have now been published by the National Transport Authority (NTA). It is my understanding that affected local residents on Douglas Road have received letters from the NTA but those slightly off the road have not.

My sincere thanks to all those who have made submissions todate and especially to the wider Douglas Road residents group and the various sub groups, who have liased with the NTA a number of times voicing not only concerns but also viable alternatives.

Despite a series of alternatives being put forward, very little change has been made to the initial emerging proposals from the NTA on the physical changes to the roadscape – which includes compulsory purchase orders, culling of front garden biodiversities and the reconstruction of nineteenth century stone walls.

As this is a general letter to all residents on the road, some affects on residents are larger than others. However, please note there are also plans to create bus gates, which will limit movement of cars on the road at peak hours and there is also the removal of on-street car parking along 95 per cent of the road (west to east).

It is crucial that as a local resident that you become aware of the still evolving proposals and attend the upcoming info meeting if you have questions, criticisms and/or alternatives.

The full set of maps are available under the Maryborough Hill to City (bus corridor I) at www.busconnects/cork. Info can also be attained from the NTA at their open day meeting at Rochestown Park Hotel on Friday 21 April 10am-7pm.