Cllr Kieran McCarthy, quote on Lakelands mixed use development, Mahon, 5 October 2021

“The permission for the mixed use development scheme is very welcome. For many years, the look of the former Lakelands bar building on the outside has been terrible. The large craters in the private car park have been in dire need of resurfacing. Part of the planning conditions now stipulate that re-surfacing of that section of the car park has to be done. A new pedestrian crossing will also appear adjacent the site on Avenue De Rennes.”

“Cork City Council Council is also continuing to work with the multitude of landowners on this part of Avenue De Rennes. What has been revealed is a complex network of over a dozen owners of property in a small area. Such a network complicates the short term renewal of this part of Avenue de Rennes. What has become very apparent is the area needs a substantial packet of investment, probably from central government, so that the legal complexities can be began to unpicked, legal titles with liquidated owners gathered, and then new plans drawn up. Hopefully any success of the Lakelands investment will attract more investors for the benefit of the wider area of the avenue ”.

Full planning report here:
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Press Coverage: 1 October 2021, ” Earlier this year, when plans for the redevelopment of the site emerged, Independent Councillor Kieran McCarthy said it was “really positive” for Mahon and had been “a long time coming”, Former Cork bar to be demolished and redeveloped,
Former Cork bar to be demolished and redeveloped (