Cllr McCarthy welcomes new outdoor gym for Lough Mahon Path

A new outdoor gym is to be built this year on the green area adjacent to the start of the Lough Mahon walkway by Blackrock Castle as part of Cork City Sport and Amenity Fund 2021. Such “Cluster Outdoor Calisthenic Gyms” already exist in some areas of the city e.g. Tramore Valley Park and at Harty’s Quay

 Independent Cllr Kieran McCarthy has welcomed the project; “Such equipment are age friendly and accessible elements that have proven very popular during the last year. They are suitable for all ages. The Parks section of Cork City Council have committed to maintain the amenities installed”.

 “The findings of the public consultation process saw calls by the public that any new amenities in any area should be available free to all in the Community regardless of age, ability, financial situation etc. Any project should also take the ‘Green Agenda’ into consideration. The overwhelming feedback was that amenities should be increased in our public parks which have been a great outlet for communities in the last year. The outdoor gym is to be built in the next few months. I continue to raise the need for further investment into the local electoral area’s parks, concluded Cllr McCarthy.

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