Cllr McCarthy: Continuance of The Marina Pedestrianisation Welcome but Public Consultation also Important.

“To continue the pedestrianisation of The Marina is very welcome. Up to this year and for many years previously, the pedestrianisation process had been a goal of local councillors and many local residents, and in fairness to Roads officials and the Director of Operations they have responded to public calls.

 During Covid-19 lockdown, the pedestrianisation of the road as a temporary measure was the life-saver for many people who needed the outlet to walk and just take time-out during the 2km and 5km. I have had much correspondence by locals and other Corkonians calling for the continuance of the pedestrianisation beyond the phase 1 temporary measure deadline of the 31 August. Many have emphasised to me the importance of this historic tree-lined avenue to public health and recreational use. I have also received correspondence though that the pedestrianisation process, like the streets in the city centre, should go through a short public consultation process.

 I have had received many concerns about the large amount of cars parked on Blackrock Pier – many parked in an unsafe manner, and I have also had correspondence and worry about the recent flooding of the pathway around the Atlantic Pond and the need to fix the flap, which leaves tidal water in and out. There is a lot of love for The Marina, that is why I think a short public consultation is very important, so the pedestrianisation project can be tweaked if needs be”.

The Marina, Cork, March 2020 (picture: Cllr Kieran McCarthy)

The Marina, Cork, May 2020 (picture: Cllr Kieran McCarthy)

The Marina, Cork, May 2020 (picture: Cllr Kieran McCarthy)

The Marina, Cork, August 2020 (picture: Cllr Kieran McCarthy)