Cllr McCarthy: Tramore Valley Park will be Recreational Jewel in the Expanded City, Update January 2019

Sustained pressure to open Tramore Valley Park may yield “light at the tunnel” before the summer of this year, according to Independent Cllr Kieran McCarthy.

In response to a question on the current status of the Park by Cllr McCarthy at the last City Council meeting, it was revealed that works are well advanced to upgrade access and egress from/to the South City Link Road, enhance public lighting, increase car parking spaces and, associated landscaping. They are scheduled for completion mid to late April 2019.

On the way into the site from the South Link the City Council are segregating the traffic that is going to the recycling facility from those who will use the park. At the moment, there is one lane in and one lane out to the South link and the Council wish to put a second lane that will allow two lanes out onto the South Link.

The Chief Executive in her answer to Cllr McCarthy noted; “The park is scheduled to open at the latest in the week ending Sunday 12th May, 2019”.

Cllr Kieran McCarthy noted; “vast amounts of public money has been invested to transform this former landfill into a c.160 acre public park. I remain committed to putting pressure on the officials to open this significant park area, which will serve all of the city and beyond its boundaries. It will be a recreational jewel in the expanded city later this year”.

“It will be great to see the park opened in its first phase ensuring that family, community and park life all remains at the heart of a bigger city centre. It will be the equal of the Ballincollig regional park in the city. Family and community life will be enhanced by the opening of this enormous resource”, highlighted Cllr McCarthy.