Cllr McCarthy: New Art Graffiti Space Found

Kieran’s Press Release:

   Independent Cllr Kieran McCarthy has welcomed news that Council officials from the Tourism, Events Arts, and Marketing Directorate have met with the Graffiti Artists who were involved in the development of the graffiti space at White Street car park. It has been agreed that the relevant stakeholders would to work together to identify a suitable site. A wall near Fitzgeralds Park has been identified as the preferred location by all. Further engagement with the artists is ongoing to agree on any works that may be necessary for the new location to be made fit for purpose.

   Cllr McCarthy noted; “I had two reasons for my recent motion. Firstly I am conscious of how used the former Whites Street carpark was for graffti art; much of it was very good and some walls were changed every month. The walls did reduce the amount of graffiti in town, providing a space for artists. All in all the works pursued on the carpark walls were possibly underestimated and not celebrated in any great way. Much of it was high quality. Secondly I am also conscious of the very positive response to the Mad About Cork murals about town on traffic and ESB boxes. In my own opinion all are tastefully done and don’t aim to insult anyone. In that light my recent motion aims to capture the work of large scale street art in a new space in the city”.