23 Oct 2018

Cllr McCarthy Launches Heritage Facebook Series on the River Lee Valley

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    Douglas Road and Independent Cllr Kieran McCarthy continues his public heritage dissemination work online for the winter months. Kieran recently had a successful series of historical walking tours in different Cork neighbourhoods for October including Douglas. He also recently launched a new book entitled Cork in 50 Buildings. A third element of his heritage work this season relates to his heritage facebook site. Since early August this year Kieran McCarthy has been profiling the local histories of the River Lee valley on his heritage facebook page – Cork Our City, Our Town. Daily local history notes and historic images are posted and abstracted from Kieran’s publications on the river Lee over the past 12 years. The posts aim to showcase the multitude of local histories in the valley and to celebrate life in the valley. Cllr McCarthy noted: “the posts focus on the journey of the Lee and the key places of settlement, monuments and community leaders all the way along the valley. The posts contain lots of old local history pictures, past fieldwork & oral history testimony”.

  The daily facebook posts also draw on a past book by Kieran and Seamus O’Donoughue on the Lee Hydro Electric Scheme. The work was published by the ESB to mark the 50th anniversary of Inniscarra Dam being commissioned. The facebook posts has pictures of the Lee Scheme being constructed and pictures of the ‘before and after’ of the affected landscape.

    Kieran has also recently launched a facebook page for his local government work (“Cllr Kieran McCarthy”). It compliments his website kieranmcarthy.ie and twitter account @cllrkmac. Cllr McCarthy noted; “All aim to give constituents more information on my broad and ongoing work programs and interests within the city and region”.

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