27 Sep 2017

McCarthy: Prosecution Warranted for Graffiti Tag Artists

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    Independent Cllr Kieran McCarthy has called for tighter controls to curb the recent spate of graffiti which has occurred across the city. In a question to the chief Executive at last Monday night’s Council meeting, Cllr McCarthy stressed that the Council needs to acknowledge more that this type of anti social behavior is very distressing and upsetting for both residents and business owners, and that much more needs to be done. Cllr McCarthy stressed; “Removing graffiti from their premises can be both costly and time consuming”.

   Cllr McCarthy welcomed the prosecution recently by the Gardai of a graffiti tag artist. He also questioned, can the Probation Service be extended in its graffiti removal service to the Cork City Council. It was noted by the Executive that the Service has limited resources and focuses on public/unoccupied or problematic spaces.

   Cork City Council has also in the past worked with other groups, e.g. Reimagine Cork, in relation to the removal of graffiti particularly in the City Centre area.

   A provision has been made in the 2017 Anti- Litter and Anti-Graffiti Awareness Scheme Grant for further projects run in conjunction with key stakeholders. The trust of these projects will be that once will be that once an area has been cleared of graffiti that the local communities, both businesses and residents, would come together and actively maintain a graffiti free zone by tackling instances of graffiti as and when they arise.

   Cllr McCarthy has called for the City Council to bring the ESB into the chamber to question them about the need for a painting maintenance programme for the ESB boxes; “much more commitment needs to be given in cleaning their boxes, which are often a regular source of graffiti attack; there is only so much work the Re Imagine Cork group can do; there needs to be a decent investment in cleaning their infrastructure”.


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