25 Apr 2017

McCarthy: Skehard Road Re-alignment: Engagement with Residents Critical to Success

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   Independent Cllr Kieran McCarthy has called for continued engagement with local residents along Skehard Road as the various phases of road’s re-alignment are evolving. Parts 2, 3 and four are in various stages of development – some are part designed and awaiting funding. As part of phase 3, the Roads Directorate of Cork City Council plan to develop detailed traffic models at Mahon CSO junction. This will involve traffic counts, assessment of turning patterns, queue lengths, traffic demand etc. Cllr McCarthy noted; “the modelling will form part of a Council proposal to the National Transport Authority whereby it forms part of phase 3 of the large Skehard Road’s realignment and traffic management scheme”.

   Phase 3 involves Skehard Road to be widened from and including the Church Road junction up to and including the CSO/ Mahon Link Road junction. An outbound bus will be introduced on Skehard Road between the Church Road junction and the CSO/ Mahon junction. An inbound cycle lane will be introduced on Skehard Road. All entrances to housing estates will be realigned and radii tightened to slow entry and exit traffic thereby making the area safer for pedestrian. Pedestrian friendly table top ramps will be introduced on the entrances to all side roads. The Bessboro Road junction and the CSO junction will be upgraded and realigned to improve its operation for the benefit of all road users. All traffic signals will be upgraded and real time passenger information displays installed. All bus stops will be upgraded and real time passenger information displays installed. Footpaths will be re-aligned repaved and widened where necessary. Additional public lighting will be installed where necessary. Soft and hard landscaping will be provided. Water mains and other utility will be provided.

   Cllr McCarthy noted; “The widening of the road of phase 3 involves taking some land from residents along the phase 3 section. I welcome the fact that the Council has already been in contact with affected residents regarding compensation. Submissions by members of the public have also been received and points added in to the evolving project layout”.

  Continuing Cllr McCarthy, “ultimately the completion of phases 2, 3 and 4 are dependent on funding being forthcoming from the National Transport Authority under the Regional Cities Accessibility Programme”.

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