7 Dec 2016

Tramore Valley Park Update, December 2016

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   In a recent Cork City Council debate on the potential opening of Tramore Valley Park for 2017, the Director of Services said they were generally “hopeful” of an opening. Citing funding, staffing and infrastructure, he could not give the timeline for opening.

Cllr Kieran McCarthy noted:

   “It is frustrating to get the same standard answer from the Executive with regard to the timeframe to open the park- there is no date again given for 2017. Millions of tax payer’s money have been invested into converting the landfill into one of the largest public parks in the country. I see this investment now under threat. The park is an ambitious plan of conversion using top level environmental engineers and experience and still and all we are not at the point to open the park, deal with the crowd and parking situation; we have a half empty park and ride across the way to host park visitors”.

  Thousands of people who live adjacent the site want this park opened, no mind residents in the wider area. I have met many many people who are excited about the potential of this public space but are disillusioned by its lack of opening; the lack of a forthcoming opening date does no justice to the normal great work of the City Council’s Parks Department”.

   Cllr McCarthy continued; “I have called earlier this year that there needs to be a lot more pressure now by all quarters to get this park opened in the immediate short term and to secure the small scale finances needed to open it. More than ever heavy pressure is needed”.

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