COVID-19 Community Response Forum, Ph 1800-222-226

 31 March 2020-Ongoing:  

I have had a good number of Independent Older People with generally no family support contacting me looking for community supports – in terms of grocery or medicine collection.  

I have contacted the invisible army of community supports in this corner of the city to have them looked after.  

Many of those who have contacted me are cocooning and have never had to ask for help before, and thus potentially are not on the local community’s vulnerable radar list.   Many do not have the internet.  

Many thanks to the many community groups working with local Gardaí, and individual local volunteers who are all doing trojan community work. There are many local shops as well doing a myriad of deliveries, whilst adhering to social distancing.  

The new Cork City Council dedicated community support helpline will be running from 9-5pm seven days a week to help ensure that vulnerable members of the community or those living alone can access deliveries of groceries, medicine and fuels and can avail of social care supports, if needed.    

The helpline is 1800-222-226. People on the other end of the phone are very approachable, and will co-ordinate with those on the other end of the phone – the most vulnerable in our community.

Ringing on someone’s behalf Without telling them or not co-ordinating with them will frighten an older person when all of a sudden someone turns up on their door.  

I remain available as well if people have questions on the proposed support system.    


'Hold Firm' on Douglas Road, Cork by Kevin O'Brien Commissioned by Cllr Kieran McCarthy
‘Hold Firm’ on Douglas Road, Cork by Kevin O’Brien Commissioned by Cllr Kieran McCarthy