New Educate Together School and Safety Challenges, Old Carrigaline Road, 24 January 2023

Lots of questions from parents today.

Detailed design of a public walkway by Cork City Council is ongoing at the back of Berkely estate opp Maryborough Woods following the Ballybrack Stream i.e. away from the main road to the back entrance of the school is planned to be opened in September 2023.

The CPO process of land has slowed the process down. Tenders are going out in March 2023. Construction is due during the summer.

No widening works are envisaged for the main road as the priority pedestrian path for the school will be along the stream valley.

I was asked today to ask the local roads engineer to clear the vegetation from the main road’s footpath and erect more slow down signage on the main road.

I have positive feedback on the local engineer today (see below):

“I have visited the school today yesterday and met with the principal there last week.

As with any new school there is naturally initial nerves/concerns.

I will be able to get my crews out to do a clean up on the original foothpaths to the school that may help.

I have spoken to the traffic department, and they are looking into the matter….e.g., signs, road markings, speed limits etc

I do note that there are currently SLOW markings on the road, and a new traffic light junction which is in itself a traffic calming measure.

I would always say in situations like this that speed and driver behaviour is an issue for the Gardai, however we will help in any way we can

That’s my thoughts on the matter, I should have the foothpath cleared very soon”.