Cllr Kieran McCarthy: People Power leads to Mangala Bridge Proposal Abandonment, 23 November 2023

The National Transport Authority has confirmed that a proposed bridge over the Mangala Valley connecting Grange Road to Carrigaline Road will not be included in the revised proposals for the Kinsale Road to Douglas Sustainable Transport Corridor as part of BusConnects Cork. The delivery of the Southern Distributor Road connecting Rochestown /Douglas to  Grange/ Frankfield and onwards to Sarsfield Rd remains a longer term objective of the Cork Metropolitan Area Transport Strategy (CMATS).

Independent Cllr Kieran McCarthy noted:

“It is great news for The Mangala / Ballybrack Woods. My sincere thanks to everyone who made a submission to save the woodland. Citizen voices were heard. It is a great day for democracy and for the protection of the local environment and biodiversity. But there is much more to do. My flyering and public meetings will continue; there are still challenges in my area when it comes to proposals by Bus Connects for Douglas Road, Well Road and Boreenmanna Road. It is also imperative that the NTA continue to work with the local population in these areas, and of course other areas of the city where built and natural heritage is so crucial to the DNA of an area”.

The NTA is currently reviewing the almost three thousand submissions made by the public as part of the first round of consultation on the 12 proposed STCs for Cork. It is anticipated that the next round of public consultation will commence with the revised proposals in the spring of 2023”.