NTA, Bus Connects & The Mangala Bridge and Grange Road Proposals, 22 August 2022

Extract from letter to residents in Shamrock Lawn and along Grange Road:

Several local residents have been in contact with me regarding the seriousness of the Mangala Bridge proposal and the widening of the Grange Road proposal, which are proposals, which lay in the hands of the National Transport Authority (NTA) – and are not voted upon by the elected members of Cork City Council.

As part of the NTA’s Kinsale Road to Douglas Bus Corridor proposal, a 20 metre wide bridge is being proposed over the Ballybrack stream valley from Donnybrook Hill to the Carrigaline Road. The proposed bridge for buses, cars and bicycles over the green space would take out huge sections of Ballybrack Woods – possibly over 50 %.

A second proposal is to bring the Grange Road boundary 4-5 metres closer to houses fronting onto the road including Shamrock Close, Shamrock Drive and Grange Avenue – to eliminate the current tree line and to replant trees at new locations along the proposed new road.

I know how much the Mangala space is used and cherished by the local population as well as the Grange Road boundary.

The main website is www.busconnects.ie/cork/ where the different bus corridor proposals can also be viewed.  P.46 of the Kinsale Road to Douglas proposed bus corridor has the colour version of the map I have copied on the back of the letter.


I have also posted a short film on YouTube outlining the areas effected; search for “Save Ballybrack Woods”.

Please make an online submission on Bus Connects Cork at www.busconnects.ie/cork/ or by pen. Be honest and write about how you feel about the proposal.

In light of the seriousness of the proposals and the many queries I am getting from local residents, I will host an information meeting on this Thursday evening, 25 August, 6.30-7pm on Inchvale Road green, next to the entrance to St Columbas Schools where further queries can be asked.

NTA Mangala Bridge proposal, July 2022
NTA Mangala Bridge proposal, July 2022
Site of Mangala Bridge, present day (picture: Kieran McCarthy)
Site of Mangala Bridge, present day (picture: Kieran McCarthy)