Cllr McCarthy: Welcome for the Public Consultation on Road Safety Plans for Our Lady of Lourdes School Junctions, 15 August 2022

Cllr McCarthy noted: “In the last few weeks Cork City Council has been successful in its bid to a Central Government Road safety scheme to implement measures at the junctions adjacent Our Lady of Lourdes School. The provision of funding is very positive and responds to much public and local political pressure over many years to make the junctions safer”.

Independent Cllr Kieran McCarthy warmly welcomes proposals now out to public consultation for road safety measures at the junctions of Bellair Estate, Ballinlough Road and Wallace’s Avenue. The proposals include the construction of two table top raised areas at the junctions of Bellair Estate and Ballinlough Road, and Wallace’s Avenue with Ballinlough Road, respectively, and a zebra crossing from Our Lady of Lourdes School to the current Bean Brownie shop.

“It is also proposed to reconstruct and improve footpaths in the vicinity of both junctions, and modify and improve public lighting, road markings and road signage. In the early discussions on design a controlled crossing was ruled out due to people’s driveways adjacent to the junction”, concluded Cllr McCarthy.

The public consultation is open from Wednesday 3 August 2022 until 4pm on Thursday 15 September 2022. 

The full set of drawings and maps are on Cork City Council’s Online Consultation Portal at or at the public reception desk of Cork City Council, City Hall, Anglesea Street, Cork between the hours of 9am-4pm, Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays.

View the project here: Part 8 Planning – L1005 Ballinlough Road Junction Improvement Scheme | Cork City Council’s Online Consultation Portal

Submissions and observations with respect to the proposed development can be made on the Consult website above or in writing to “Executive Engineer, Traffic Operations, Room 338, City Hall, Anglesea Street, Cork”.