Bus Connects Project – The Mangala Bridge Proposal or Aka the Madness of Destroying Ballybrack Woods, 9 July 2022

After spending a few days getting into the depth of the vast and very upsetting CPO proposals for Douglas Road and Maryborough Hill, Ballybrack Woods bridge proposal has been the next on my list. This is the absolute worst anti environment proposal to hit a Cork suburb in decades.

The proposal as part of the National Transport Authority led Bus Connects project proposes to erect a 20m wide bridge for cars and buses over the green space in this embedded short snippet film from Donnybrook Hill to the Carrigaline Road taking out huge sections of Ballybrack Woods plus the widening of Carrigaline Road takes out a wide range of woodland paths.

I have put together a 4 minute piece showcasing the wider pieces of destruction in the woods. It goes through the proposal; the link is here, https://youtu.be/TDkqzvd8qe8

I know how much this space is cherished by the local population.P.46 of the Kinsale Road to Douglas proposed bus corridor has the proposed bridge development, https://busconnects.ie/…/STC-K-Kinsale-Road-to-Douglas…

Please attend the public information events, hosted by the National Transport Authority to voice concerns on the proposed bus corridors including the Mangala development, which are on Wednesday 27 July, 2pm to 7pm and on Thursday 28 July, 9am-2pm at Nemo Rangers GAA Club. Most of all Please Please Please make a submission on the Bus Connects Cork website, https://busconnects.ie/cork/

I will also attend on next Friday, 15 July at 6.30pm-7pm at the green space in this short video giving out the map section of the proposed bridge development and if anyone has questions or wants a copy of the map in the meantime please email me at kieran_mccarthy@corkcity.ie

This madness needs to be stopped – Please, Please, Please #SaveBallybrackWoods.