Kieran’s circulated letter to Residents, Douglas Road Bus Connects Corridor, 8 July 2022

I spent a good few hours yesterday and today back out on Douglas Road on its northern side and on Maryborough Hill flyering and speaking to a good cross section of house owners.

There is much upset and anger. It also seems that not all houses have got info from the National Transport Authority who are the lead authority on this project with An Bord Pleaneála.The Maryborough to Douglas Road bus corridor proposal is here at…/STC-I-Maryborough-to-City-29…

I will get my head around the Mangala bridge proposal in the short few days ahead as well as Boreenmanna Road bus corridor proposal.But thanks to everyone so far for their calls and emails. This is all info I can raise in the City Council Chamber at least and on the Roads Strategic Policy Committee.

More info at and in my letter to residents below. NB please make submissions.

Plus please attend the public information events, hosted by the National Transport Authority on the proposed bus corridors, which are on Wednesday 27 July, 2pm to 7pm and on Thursday 28 July, 9am-2pm at Nemo Rangers GAA Club.

Kieran’s Letter

Dear Resident,

In the last few days, the National Transport Authority flyered homes along Douglas Road outlining the proposed Bus Connects corridor route.

A handful of people have been in contact with me noting that they heard of the information being delivered but did not get the information. If you have not received the material, please contact me by phone at 087 655 3389 or email at

The plan is ambitious but proposes very dramatic changes to the roadscape in order to future proof public transport across the city. The proposals are being led by the National Transport Authority, whose planning authority will be An Bord Pleanála.

In otherwords, the plans will not be formally voted in the City Council chamber. It is my personal view that such a removal of local decision making processes is to be deplored.

A number of residents have been in contact with me so far and are very upset by the proposed changes. If residents have questions or comments, I can still field them in the City Council Chamber or at the Roads Strategic Policy Committee meetings. My contact details are above.

Public information events, hosted by the National Transport Authority on the proposed bus corridors, are on Wednesday 27 July 2pm -7pm and on Thursday 28 July 9am – 2pm at Nemo Rangers GAA Club. It is crucial affected residents attend the public information events and put forward comments and/or concerns, and send in submissions to the consultation process.

The main website is

I remain at your disposal for any help,



Cllr Kieran McCarthy