Cllr McCarthy: Douglas Road BusConnects Proposed Route Involves Dramatic Change, 5 July 2022

Independent Cllr Kieran McCarthy asks householders with concerns on the proposed BusConnects route from Maryborough Hill through Douglas Road to submit to the consultation process and to attend the consultation meetings.

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BusConnects Cork aims to enhance the capacity and potential of the public transport system. It will support the delivery of a low carbon and climate-resilient public transport system in addition to greatly improving accessibility to jobs, education whilst playing a key role in regeneration and improvements to public realm and City Centres.

Cllr McCarthy noted; “The plan is ambitious but proposes dramatic changes to the roadscape in order to future proof public transport across the city. What I particularly don’t like is the over-riding of public reps and their decision making processes and their knowledge of localised roads needs on the ground. I am receiving a lot of calls and emails from locals asking for City Council members to intervene but on this enormous set of plans, the local Council members have been dismissed, and the National Transport Authority is now the key decision maker. The further centralising of public reps powers to national level is to be deplored”.

“If local residents have questions they can still contact me. I am already hearing from local residents who have concerns on the widening of Douglas Road and the proposal to take a large number of property strips of land from 96 private gardens along Douglas Road. The removal of 91 on-street parking spaces is also proposed along the western section of Douglas Road. To achieve some of this. a new area of replacement parking is proposed by the entrance to St Finbarr’s Hospital”, continued Cllr McCarthy.

“In sections where buildings are located close to the road and it is not possible to provide bus lanes, it is proposed that an outbound (towards Maryborough Hill) bus priority will be provided using traffic lights that will hold back general traffic during times of congestion. Traffic as well would not be able to continue inbound from Bellair estate straight through to Southern Road”, concluded Cllr McCarthy.

Public information events, hosted by the National Transport Authority on the proposed bus corridors, are on Wednesday 27 July 2pm -7pm and on Thursday 28 July 9am – 2pm at Nemo Rangers GAA Club. Cllr McCarthy further added that it is crucial affected residents attend the public information events and put forward comments and concerns.