Cllr McCarthy: Observations called for Maryborough Woods Cycle Scheme, 15 June 2022

Independent Cllr Kieran McCarthy welcomes the proposed segregated cycling lanes at Maryborough Hill but has called on City Hall to reach out more in terms of communicating the project and asking for public feedback. The works proposed to provide segregated cycle tracks on both sides of the main distributor road through Maryborough Woods. These segregated cycle tracks will provide a safe route for cyclists through the estate from Maryborough Hill to the Carrigaline Road.

 The cycle infrastructure proposed is approximately 2.1 km. Most of this length will comprise of raised tracks separated from road traffic and adjacent to the footpath in the zone currently occupied by grass verges. There will be modification to kerbs and road widths to accommodate proposed cycling infrastructure. Junctions are to be raised to provide suitable crossing points for both pedestrians and cyclists while also slowing vehicles for added safety. There will be new road marking and signage.

 Cllr McCarthy noted: “This is such a large project that I would call upon residents in Maryborough Woods to log onto to see the plans and make an observation if needs be.  Public feedback is crucial on such a large project. Any observations in relation to this proposal can be made electronically through or forwarded in an envelope marked “Active Travel Improvement Works at Maryborough Woods, Douglas”to Senior Engineer, Infrastructure Development, City Hall, Anglesea Street, Cork. Final date for submissions is 5pm on Monday, 11 July 2022”.