Cllr McCarthy: Muga Plan for Ballinlough Welcomed, 29 February 2021

Independent Cllr Kieran McCarthy has welcomed the 2022 allocation from the City Council’s Sports and Amenity Fund. Ballinlough Community Park will get a multi-use games arena or ‘muga’ from the fund. Each local electoral area gets approx e30,000 to spend annually on sports equipment such as outdoor gyms or a muga. The grants scheme is in its second year.

Cllr McCarthy noted: “It is very positive news that rolling grants schemes are being created within the Council and aimed at recreational infrastructure such as outdoor gyms and mugas. There are also now more regular discussions to put funding aside to create new playgrounds and to add to the ones already in existence. Covid and its impact on Council income streams though has slowed down the ring fencing of finance”. 

Cllr McCarthy continued: “The details of the muga’s exact location in Ballinlough Park still has to be worked out, but funding is in place. It is a park, which offers a lot of views and trees, and the Faery trail, which need to be protected as well. The muga is something I have lobbied for, as have my other colleagues, over many years for the area. A muga for the area was one of my first motions way back in time”.

“As an additional note, it is also welcome that the 2021 sanctioned outdoor gyms from the City Council’s Sports and Amenity Fund are set to open at six city locations this April”, concluded Cllr McCarthy.

The six new callisthenics gyms will open on the Lough Mahon Amenity Walkway, in Clogheenmilcon, John O’Callaghan Park, Popham’s Park, Gerry O’Sullivan Park, and at Murphy’s Farm. The facilities will be similar to those existing in other areas of the city, such as in Tramore Valley Park and Harty’s Quay”.