Cllr McCarthy: Huge Added Value for Half Moon Lane Access to Tramore Valley Park, 8 January 2022

Press Release:

Independent Cllr Kieran McCarthy has welcomed the recent opening of the Half-Moon Lane gate to Tramore Valley Park and has noted it as another very important addition to the story of the Park.

Cllr McCarthy noted: “The public consultation of 2021 was important to do and to formulate appropriate solutions to the expressed concerns. It was a long journey to get through the consultation, but it was important to spend the time in gauging and responding to different local perspectives. I think there is big added value to the new pedestrian and cycling access point, but timely at present to remind users that there is no car-parking at the location.  The new entrance point ensures that the park is physically connected to the heart of the southern suburbs especially to communities on South Douglas Road, Cross Douglas Road areas and well into the areas of Douglas Road and Ballinlough. Indeed, when one counts the public parks in the south east side of the city, there are now at least 15 key neighbourhood parks and walks”.

“It is important to acknowledge how far the site has come – from the the old landfill site to what is now Tramore Valley Park and ultimately an investment by Cork City Council with financial partners of over e.40m at this stage. Phase two such as a pedestrian bridge crossing from Grange, is another important addition that is scheduled to come to fruition this year, and this will connect to communities in the heart of Grange and all the way back into Donnybrook”.

“The feedback I get from locals is that during the last two years of Covid Tramore Valley Park has been a second home to many people and really helped manage people’s mental health. Great credit is due to the park wardens onsite who are always friendly, as are the recycling staff. I continue to advocate that Tramore Valley Park has etched itself a jewel in the growing necklace of parks in the city, which are highly significant to the mental and physical health of citizens, concluded Cllr McCarthy”.