Kieran’s Submission, Pairc Ui Chaoimh Planning Proposal, 21/40374

Next Thursday 26 August is the last day for public submissions to the Planning Directorate, City Hall on this proposal. My objections on the encroachment, via building a new car park onto the edge of the Atlantic Pond, are outlined below and have been acknowledged as received by the planning unit.

Public submissions may be made on any planning application by post and accompanied by the €20 fee. They may also be made via email to and the submitter will be contacted by a member of Planning staff to take a card payment.

“Re: Planning Application at Pairc Ui Chaoimh, Cork, 21/40374Dear Director,I write to make my concerns known regarding the planning proposal submitted above.There are parts of the proposal I support such as the GAA museum and cafe, but I have very large concerns on the car parking and on the Atlantic Pond intrusion. The car parking issue has never fully been resolved down by the Pairc.

Even at the most recent matches cars were still parked across immediate green spaces and in the new bicycle lanes on Centre Park Road and beyond. And the crowd at that match was smaller than usual because of COVID measures. A proper transport plan to and from the Pairc is needed. One cannot just keep building another carpark and hope that eliminates the problem. In addition for me providing another car park is not about enhancing the public realm. A car park brings many hazards plus does not add to what the new adjacent Marina Park is trying to do in terms of a very valuable green space or add to the new pedestrianisation areas such as The Marina.

The other principal issue I have is the construction and intrusion of a car park on the physical western bank of the Atlantic Pond. There are serious ecological concerns in pursuing the construction on the ‘edge’ of the pond. Another car park will destroy the ecology of that immediate area of the pond in particular, and have a knock-on effect on the whole pond. In addition, I feel the proposed playground to be provided is a tokenistic one at best.

Yours sincerely,_Cllr Kieran McCarthy