Ward Watch – Proposed Aldi Store on Skehard Road, 12 April 2021

Attached are the maps and photomontages and the link to the planning file.

The planning number is 21/40052 and for the public to share formal concerns it’s e20 with your letter (with the planning number on it), and address the letter to the planning department, City Hall.

VIEW: iDocs Web (corkcity.ie)

I have lots of serious concerns about this development.

I will be submitting the comments below in a formal objection to the City Council’s Planning Director during this week coming;

– What is being proposed is a neighbourhood centre – not a local shop – but a large scale retail development but the site is not zoned for that in the current Cork City Council development plan.

– The design and excessive height of the development is out of character with the existing buildings in the area.

– The proposal creates a very dangerous traffic junction just metres from a critical road juncture of Church Road with Skehard Road. – The proposed development would have undue and unacceptable impacts on neighbouring properties due to overshadowing.- The site needs to be developed in an appropriate and sustainable manner – what is being proposed is the complete opposite of that.

– The proposed development is aesthetically out of character with the area. Its design is very poor

– in particular the brick buildings proposed facing onto the road. The development offers nothing to the overall environment of the immediate and surrounding neighbourhood.- There are two Aldi’s already within the area – one just metres from the development and another one opening in Douglas Village, just over a mile from the site. This is overkill.

– No consultation has taken place with local residents, and it has come as a surprise to them to see such a large scale proposal and their voices not asked on the proposal.

– Overall, the proposal makes a very negative contribution to the streetscape.