Cllr McCarthy: Consultation now open for draft Cork City Heritage and Biodiversity Plan, 19 March 2021

Press Release:

Independent Cllr Kieran McCarthy has welcomed the publishing of the draft Cork City Heritage and Biodiversity Plan (2021-2026). It is an action plan and sets out a series of realistic and practical actions to protect, conserve and manage the city’s heritage over the next five years.  The Cork City Heritage and Biodiversity Plan includes actions on archaeology, built, cultural and natural heritage, so is a combination heritage and biodiversity plan.

Cllr McCarthy commented: “Consultation is now open. There are many people who have an interest in the city’s heritage and it is important that thoughts and perspectives are given on the new plan. The information gathered will feed into the final Cork City Heritage and Biodiversity Plan (2021-2026), which will guide what heritage actions will be prioritised in Cork City over the next five years”. The draft plan can be viewed at

Cllr McCarthy added “Great credit is due to the Council’s Heritage Office for their hard work on the draft plan. I think the project work that was pursued in the now expired Heritage Plan was very worthwhile. Empowering local communities to pursue heritage projects has been fab. I think the community and education heritage grants and the publication grants scheme are fantastic and I hope they will be maintained in the next heritage plan, as do I hope the focus on the city’s archaeology story and biodiversity story will remain and grow even stronger in their delivery”.

“There is so much heritage to mind and promote in Cork. So a plan is very important so that relevant financial resources can be prioritised and new ideas developed”, concluded Cllr McCarthy.