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A Year in Review: Heritage, Memory & Culture in Cork, 2018

January 2018, A Light in the Winter: Lord Mayor’s Tea Dance at Cork City Hall, with the Cork Pops Orchestra under the baton of Evelyn Grant, with Gerry Kelly, and singer Keth Hanley; next tea dance on 27 January 2019.

Lord Mayor's Tea Dance, Cork City Hall, January 2018

February 2018, What Lies Beneath: Archaeological discoveries on the proposed Event Centre site by Dr Maurice Hurley and his team are revealed at packed out public lectures; they unearth objects and housing dating to the 11th and 12th Century AD; there is an ongoing exhibition in Cork Public Museum in Fitzgerald’s Park.

March 2018, Upon the Slopes of a City: Storm Emma creates a winter wonderland.

Snow on St Patrick's Hill, Cork, March 2018

April 2018, A Safe Harbour: Cork Community Art Link do another fab display of the Cork Coat of Arms on the Grand Parade providing a brill entrance to Cork World Book Fest 2018.

 Cork Community Art Link, Cork Coat of Arms, Grand Parade, Cork, April 2018

May 2018, The Truth of History: A reconstruction at UCC of a fourth class cottage from the times of Ireland’s Great Famine laids bare the realities of everyday life for many people. It was built to coincide with Cork hosting the National Famine Commemoration at UCC.

Reconstruction at UCC of a mid 19th century fourth class cottage,  May 2018

June 2018, The Challenges of the Past: Charles, Prince of Wales, visits Cork.

Prince Charles, Cork City Hall, June 2018

July 2018, Shaping a Region: US artist Tamsie Ringler begins pouring the molten ore for her River Lee iron casting sculpture at the National Sculpture Factory, Cork.

US artist Tamsie Ringler begins pouring the molten ore for her River Lee iron casting sculpture at the National Sculpture Factory, Cork, July 2018

August 2018, The Beat of Community Life: Ballinlough Summer Festival organised by Ballinlough Youth Clubs at Ballinlough Community Centre reaches its tenth year; its Faery Park and Trail also grows in visitor numbers.

Ballinlough Summer Festival organised by Ballinlough Youth Clubs at Ballinlough Community Centre reaches its tenth year. August 2018


September 2018, On The Street Where You Live: Douglas Street AutumnFest brings businesses and residents together once again for a super afternoon of entertainment, laughter and chat. The ongoing project wins a 2018 national Pride of Place award later in December 2018; & a new mural by Kevin O’Brien and Alan Hurley of first City Librarian, James Wilkinson, who rebuilt the city’s library collections after the Burning of Cork, 1920.

Douglas Street AutumnFest, September 2018

967b. Picture of new James Wilkinson mural on Anglesea Street

October 2018, The Playful City: Cork’s Dragon of Shandon is led by a host of playful characters and the citizens of the city.

Dragon of Shandon, Cork, October 2018

Marina Walk, Cork, October 2018

November 2018, Lest We Forget: Marking the centenary of Armistice day at the Fallen Soldier Memorial on the South Mall for the over 4,000 Corkmen killed in World War 1, led by Lord Mayor of Cork, Cllr Mick Finn.

Marking the centenary of Armistice day at the Fallen Soldier Memorial on the South Mall for the over 4,000 Corkmen killed in World War 1, 11 November 2018

December 2018, A City Rising: the Glow Festival on the Grand Parade & in Bishop Lucey Park attracts large numbers of citizens and visitors to Ireland’s southern capital.

The Glow Festival on the Grand Parade & in Bishop Lucey Park attracts large numbers of citizens and visitors to Ireland's southern capital, December 2018


Cllr Kieran McCarthy’s Comments, Cork City Council Budget Meeting, 15 November 2018

Lord Mayor,

Can I thank the CE, the Finance Officer John Hallahan and Cllr Martin, the chair of the Finance Functional Committee for their work on this draft annual budget book.

History is being made this evening as this marks the last budget of over 60 years of the city in its current size. But within the word history are the words Hi Story. And the realities of our future story are mapped out in this document this evening.

At the 2020 budget meeting next November 2019 the members of the Council will budget for 210,000 people and a city five times more in size with more challenges and more calls for funding. This City is ready to take on the challenge of an expanded city. I firmly believe our directors of the various service directorates are ready for the transition and added work. I might clash with them at times and call for more from them on certain elements, but I always respect their frankness and honesty on what can and can’t be done whilst outlining their pride of their staff and their vision of the future.

Reading through the various sections you can see the strengths of our directorates and the ongoing work programmes – the 30 per cent of our income spent on Housing with several hundred social housing constructs coming on stream in the next two years – 17 per cent on roads with several construction and enhancement projects ongoing.

I have been vocal that our staff at the housing desk everyday at reception, community wardens and homeless outreach team are collecting the voices of citizens and acting upon them for those who need support in the accommodation sector. I do believe that once the city expands that much work needs to be done on where we can build mixed housing projects.

On roads, I believe firmly that the city has seen nothing yet in terms of traffic problems as the economic bounce continues to reach citizens on the ground. I am content that we are on the right track regarding our mobility measures but I am going to take this opportunity this evening to re-iterate strongly my call for more parking incentives and marketing measures. It has also become clear that there has been a break down in communication between the small trader and the Council, where much work needs to be done to resolve it.

When you read through service divisions such as water services – you can see the extent of the drainage operation and maintenance, you can see read about the economic development programmes and the depth of the EU programmes we are part of.

I have been vocal that this city needs to be more aware of its southern capital position and being a European Regional Hub. So I am proud that members of staff have got stuck into a range of Interreg projects from start-ups to social innovation plus from a budget perspective the added funding the city can garner from EU urban funding projects.

In environmental services, a glance through the draft budget you can find out about waste planning, recycling measures, the great work of the Lifetime Lab Education Programme and Fire Department. I think sometimes we don’t always state that this is a budget not only about services but a budget for those who carry out tasks and who want their wish list answered.

In recreation and amenity, you can read about our tourism projects in Elizabeth Fort and Shandon, the myriad of festivals, arts projects, libraries projects, capital park projects. I have been vocal to get Tramore Valley Park open plus have a strong Urban Forestry programme. I am happy that we are edging more and more towards them.

And you can also read about agriculture, health & welfare and aspects such as our ongoing work on the expansion of the boundary.

Indeed, from this budget document you can see the range of work that Cork City Council does to make a living city – it is clearly outlined in this document this evening. It is a very difficult task to respond to the myriad and myriad of asks of customers and citizens. Those in the County suburbs worried about inclusion in the city can from this document see clearly that Cork City Council has a vision. We have the ambition. We have the work ethic. Ultimately, using our own wordage, We Are Cork. However, with that accolade comes much work and responsibility especially with the new canvass of satellite county areas entering Cork City next year.



Cork City Council Twinning Grants, 2015

Cork City Council has an open call for providing grants to Cork city based groups who are willing to pursue activities to promote the twinning links between any of the twinned cities subject to certain conditions. Cork city is twinned with 6 cities, Cologne, Germany, Coventry, United Kingdom, Rennes, France, San Francisco, U.S.A., Swansea, Wales and Shanghai, China.

Twinning committee member Cllr Kieran McCarthy noted “The twinning grant scheme is an ideal source of funding to get ideas off the ground and connect Cork people to other cities of international importance. The nature of the activity may be community based, voluntary, social, business, cultural, educational, sporting or of general social and economic benefit”.

An activity which is likely to develop and deepen links and generate new contacts with a twinned city will be given extra consideration. The twinning activity may involve travelling to a twinned city but travel is not a pre-requisite for awarding a grant. The maximum grant awarded is 50 percent of what is proposed. All applications must be supported by detailed programmes and financial projections. Application forms, together with the conditions applying, are available from the Reception Desk, Cork City Council, City Hall, Cork. Closing date for receipt of applications is 5p.m on Friday, 27th February 2015.

Circulated Letter, Burglaries and Anti-Social Behaviour

Recent letter circulated to a large majority of Ballinlough Households:


Dear Resident,

At a recent Douglas Partnership Forum meeting (or Community Policing Forum), a number of issues were raised with recent burglaries and anti-social behaviour in the Ballinlough area. Sergeant Ronan Kenneally outlined the following:

·         There is a need for extra vigilance in our communities at the moment. On the point of burglaries, Ballinlough, as well as surrounding areas, has been targeted by criminals from outside Cork. There has been a 34 % detection rate in finding these thieves. In recent days, three vans have been seized, which were operated by bogus callers, who aimed to deceive the general public through providing an odd jobs service (cleaning of gutters etc).

·         The Gardaí continue to monitor anti-social behaviour in the green area parks in Ballinlough and the Japanese Gardens and these remain as hotspots for supervision.

·         The high level of law abiding off-licences in our area not selling drink to under-age young people is quite positive. However, there are over 18’s buying drink and selling the drink onto minors in the suburbs’ parks. If anyone witnesses people involved in this, take the car registration and report it to Douglas Garda Station, 0214857675.

·         The Sergeant has expressed the view that if you have an alarm, put it on plus look out for neighbours and your local community. A special Crime Prevention meeting has been organised in Ballinlough Community Centre on Wednesday 24 October at 7.30p.m, where the focus is on crime prevention especially for older people.

·         If you are elderly in particular, do not answer the door to people you don’t know and ask for identification through the letter box.

I also attach a photocopy of a Seniors Alert Scheme Grant Application Form (don’t fill in). A personal alarm/ device can be applied for that when pressed will activate help. It may be of particular use if you suffer from health defects. If one is interested in this scheme, or know someone who is, please contact me and I will apply through Young at Heart, Douglas Senior Citizens group and acquire one for you. My mobile number is 087 655 33 89.

If I can be of any other assistance with the above or other matters, the number above will also reach me or my email is,

Yours sincerely,


Cllr. Kieran McCarthy

Kieran’s Community Programme 2011

A year in review, thanks to everyone for their support!

Kieran’s Overall Community Programme 2011

– grants for enterprise course,

– grants for cost effective marketing business course,

-Member on committee for ‘Lets Connect’, conference to raise awareness of autism

– McCarthy’s History in Action,

– Kieran’s Lifelong Learning Festival activites (10-17 April 2011)

– Historical walking tour of St. Finbarr’s Hospital,

–  McCarthy’s Community Talent Competition 2011

– McCarthy’s Artist in Residence Programme, 2011

– Involvement with Friends of St. Finbarr Garden Party, delivering of historical walking tour of St. Finbarr’s Hospital

– McCarthy’s Make a Model Boat Project;

– Kieran’s Summer Walking Tours, Old Cork Blackrock Railway Line & Ballinlough,

Pictures from Ballinlough Historical Walking Tour:

Pictures from Railway Line Historical Walking Tour:

 – Kieran’s Heritage Week, Late August 2011,, pictures:

 – Want to attend an enterprise programme with Cork City Enterprise Board, September 2011,

 – Participation in Cork’s Culture Night, 23 September 2011, Lifetime Lab, Lee Road,

– Creation of historical exhibition on the building of Cork City Hall and Cork in the 1920s & 1930s to mark the 75th anniversary of the opening of Cork City Hall, Cork City Hall Foyer, September- October 2011

– Participation in Celebrating Cork’s Past, Historical Exhibition, October 2011

– Want to attend a social media programme with Cork City Enterprise Board, October 2011

 – Support for Evening Echo Cork Community Quiz in association with Cork City Council

Cork City Council Arts Grants 2012

Cork City Council invites applications for 2012 for the grants under the Arts Act from groups who contribute to the creative arts or culture of Cork City.  Cork City Council launched their new Arts and Cultural Strategy 2011 -2015 earlier this year and these Arts Grants are in line with the policies outlined in this strategic document. Grants are provided to a number of professional arts organisations and community and voluntary groups throughout the city area.  These grants provide direct revenue funding for groups in support of their core work.

Applications should be made on the official application form, which is available from The Arts Office, T.E.A.M unit, Corporate Affairs, City Hall. Application forms are also available by email from Completed application forms, accompanied by the documentation specified on the application form, should be returned to the Arts Office T.E.A.M Unit, City Hall, Cork, not later than 2pm on Friday 2nd December 2011.

McCarthy’s Grants for Marketing Programme

Cork City Enterprise Board is running a “Cost Effective Marketing Business Programme”. It is a full day workshop on Wednesday 23rd March, followed by a one to one session for each participant two weeks later. Cllr Kieran McCarthy, through his ward funds, is offering to fund five places on this programme for interested persons with a business up and running and provided for, in general, for those living in the south east ward of Cork City.

The programme is designed for anyone who wishes to harness more marketing tools in order to keep their business alive or to push their business forward. During the programme participants will: (1) identify their target customers, differentiate their offering from the competition and determine the most appropriate marketing technique to reach these target customers; (2) build a tool kit of effective marketing tools to use in their own business and (3) work on a sales and marketing plan for their business for the next 12-24 months. Areas covered include consumer and market research, how to reach your customers and grow sales, branding, cost-effective marketing techniques such as web, e-marketing, social networking, exhibitions, sponsorship of events, endorsements, PR and targeted advertising.

For further information about Cllr McCarthy’s offer, please contact Kieran at 0876553389 or email (first come, first serve). Further details of this course and others are online at

Parapet of Blackrock Castle, Cork


Ecars, A Way forward?

 On last Monday morning (19 Oct), I had the pleasure of seeing the role out of the third ecar charging post in Cork City. It is on the South Mall. In an age of no money being around, one can be cynical and question how this project is to be rolled out. However, I was quite taken by the science of the whole project and the reasons behind such a roll-out. Great to see new ideas being investigated and built upon in reality. Below is some material sourced from


What is an Ecar?

An ecar has an electric motor and can be summarised into one of two broad categories:

  • A pure electric car has a battery that is charged by connecting to the electricity supply network. It has a range of 160km.
  • A plug-in hybrid has a battery that works in tandem with an internal combustion engine. The range is extended because when the battery runs out the combustion engine takes over.

There are a wide range of ecars available and car manufacturers plan to commence mass production in the coming months. To cater for everyone’s taste, there is something to suit everybody, ranging from a compact city car or a family saloon to a sleek, racy, sports car. View a selection of cars opposite.

Charging Methods:

Home charging – Ecars will be charged overnight from their normal domestic electricity supply, taking approximately 6-8 hours.

Destination charging – Charging posts will be available in a wide variety of convenient public places such as on-street, car parks and shopping centres. A full charge will take approximately 1 to 1.5 hours.

Fast charging – Fast charging posts will be available to charge an ecars in 20-25 minutes. These will be located in petrol stations or roadside cafes.


 Ecar charging point, South Mall, October 2010


Benefits:Environmentally friendly – The transport sector is responsible for a large percentage of carbon emissions. Ecars offer a real opportunity to reduce the carbon output of the transport sector, emitting zero tailpipe CO2 emissions. The growth in the generation of electricity from renewable sources in the future offers a route towards carbon free motoring.

Other advantages include an improvement in air quality and reduction in noise pollution.

 More efficient and economical driving – The electric motor in an ecars is much more efficient than a combustion engine. This means that the running costs are significantly lower. Running costs of an ecar is typically in the order of 2 to 3 cent per km and compared to 12 cent per km for an equivalent petrol vehicle, this represents a huge saving in fuel consumption.

More efficient energy usage – It is envisaged that the majority of charging will be carried out overnight when the demand for electricity is off peak. Electricity suppliers will promote off peak times to consumers and ensure demand and capacity is balanced.

In the future vehicle batteries will be able to store energy at times of low demand and then feed this back to the grid at peak times. This is known as vehicle to grid (V2G) and will further support the development of renewables as a steady source of energy.

Enterprise opportunities – Any new market offers opportunities for the development of new products, technologies and services. The ecars market is no different with a variety of new charging post companies emerging, battery technology developments as well as new software and infrastructure products.


Financial incentives!:

The government fully supports the introduction of ecars. There has been a number of incentives introduced by the Government to stimulate demand, they include:

  • VRT exemption for ecars up to year 2012
  • VRT relief scheme for plug-in hybrids

Car manufacturers will also incentivise the consumer with special schemes and attractive introductory offers.

Ecar charging station, South Mall, October 2010
Ecar Charging Station, South Mall, October 2010

Ecar Charging Station, South Mall, October 2010
Ecar presentation page by the ESB, Imperial Hotel, October 2010