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I will create and lead a programme aimed at securing employment.

There is rising unemployment in our area. My aim is to liaise with Cork businesses and companies in an attempt to provide training opportunities for our unemployed. What is also important is that this ward had 500 annual Leaving Certificate students in the five secondary schools in our community. It is important that they are offered direction in terms of where jobs are and where they are not. Local businesses need to be supported by the local community in order that jobs are sustained. I also have an interest in promoting new local enterprises and providing training for people in terms of work portfolio enhancement.




I will promote and develop better facilities in the community.

Circa 75% of south east Cork City is not adequately planned for in the Cork Strategic Development Plan for the next five years. In fact Ballinlough, Ballintemple and Blackrock are not mentioned in the new plan. It is my intention to fight for funding, otherwise the sporting and cultural facilities of our community, which includes the future of our parks, playgrounds, community centres, sports and youth facilities will never materialise. However, these latter ideas are based on the support and backing of the community.


I will foster greater local government reform.

The City Council needs to start spending wisely, changing old habits and looking to more efficient and effective ways of doing things. There needs to be greater accountability and transparency in how local government departments communicate. As an Independent voice, I can influence and challenge the complacency of local politics and government.


I will promote and enhance the local heritage of the area for the greater good of the community.

As a weekly heritage columnist in the Cork Independent, I write about the historical developments of our city and the region. We have seen recessions before and we have often improved the situation by looking to ourselves and our own natural resources. We should develop our local economy by promoting our rich stock of heritage that south east Cork City has. This will help drive tourism and employment. They can be turned into economic and cultural successes through proper planning and direction.

Take large sites such as The Marina, the Showgrounds and the Cork Blackrock & Passage Railway Line. They need attention and improvement. My own work for the past sixteen years has focussed in on the latter through educational initiatives in our schools and community organisations across the city and county.

In particular, if elected I am particularly interested in pursuing the following in conjunction with the building of My Neighbourhood theme:

·         Oral history programmes with senior people in south east Cork City

·         Local heritage trails to be designed in conjunction with local schools

·         New interpretative plaques for key historic areas within the ward

·         The roll-out of the Discover Cork: Schools’ Heritage Project in as many ward schools that will accommodate it.

·         The building on the community art competition.

·         Providing opportunities to artists and photographers in my ward to build cultural awareness.




I will encourage more community participation through the provision of community and school civic awareness programmes and events.

I work with pupils across 90 schools in the City and County with the ‘Discover Cork: Schools’ History Project’ and ‘Understanding Europe’ Transition Year Programme. I also work with people of all ages through my involvement in the Beaver Scouts and Ballinlough Pastoral Council.

If elected, I have an interest here in supporting the following community programmes:

·         In connection with ward funding, it is my intention to create EU Leader style community structure and improvement programmes for our hard-working community organisations- to give people new tools – new ideas on the way forward in terms of outreach, membership improvement and publicity.

·         To bring the work of several festivals in Cork City centre to our suburbs

·         To bring existing young and senior community programmes together

·         To build on the community talent show and similar educational events

I now want to bring my work to the next level. I’m aware of the challenges that the young and old face in our community. We are all in this together, and each of us, however small, can make a worthwhile impact. No one person, or organisation has all the answers to what we are facing. However if we work together progress can be made.

Above is my plan. If elected I will do my best to implement it. I am also open to further ideas from the community.

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