Tier One, Sea Internet Cable

CORK is to be connected to a new, super-fast, under-sea internet cable being laid between New York and London. The transatlantic cable has the potential to double internet speeds and create thousands of new jobs here.

Currently all of Cork’s internet is routed through Dublin and makes regions outside the capital less attractive for companies who have high data usage. US cable company Hibernia Networks will shortly begin laying a new fibre optic cable from Halifax in Canada across the Atlantic to London.

The cable will come within 50km of the Cork coast and it has been agreed to connect a branch to the Cork region. The new cable is set to be in place by next summer and will make Cork a far more attractive location for major companies using large data centres and cloud technologies.
A study carried out in 2012 found that connecting Cork to a transatlantic cable could create 4,300 jobs as well as contributing millions to the exchequer. Internet speeds would increase and prices would fall as internet traffic would no longer have to be routed through Dublin, the study found.

(Adapted from Evening Echo, Friday, 19 December, 2014)