Evening Echo Art Project, Tuesday 23 December 2014

     Evening Echo is a public artwork by New Zealand-based artist Maddie Leach. It is sited on old gasometer land gifted by Bord Gáis to Cork City Council in the late 1980s. This site was subsequently dedicated as Shalom Park in 1989. The park sits in the centre of the old Cork neighbourhood known locally as ‘Jewtown’. This neighbourhood is also home to the National Sculpture Factory.

   Evening Echo is an art project generated as an artist’s response to the particularities of place and locality. Now in its fourth year, the project continues to gather support from the Cork Hebrew Congregation, Cork City Council, Bord Gáis and its local community.

      Manifested in a sequence of custom-built lamps, a remote timing system, a highly controlled sense of duration, a list of future dates, an annual announcement in Cork’s Evening Echo newspaper and a promissory agreement. Evening Echo is fleetingly activated on an annual cycle, maintaining a delicate but persistent visibility in the park and re-activating its connection to Cork’s Jewish history. Intended to exist in perpetuity, the project maintains a delicate position between optimism for its future existence and the possibility of its own discontinuance.

   This year, the last night of Hanukkah is Tuesday December 23rd and offers the only opportunity to see ‘the ninth lamp’ alight until next year. The ninth Lamp will begin the cycle 10 minutes before sunset, which occurs this year at 4.27pm. As is customary in the lighting of Hanukkah candles, the lamp ‘burns’ for 30 minutes after sunset.